If Christians are the “Body of Christ”, then the Protestant “reformation” ran Jesus through a chipper-shredder

I’ve never bought into the notion that martin Luther (or any of the other Protestant “reformers”) were motivated by a deisre to “save” Christianity.    Quite frankly, none of the Protestant “reformers” were in any legitimate position to claim that they personally knew what “true Christianity” consisted of.  They were all, very specifically, “heretics” who originated in Roman Catholic-dominated areas.

As such, they were simultaneously ignorant of (and bigoted against) Non-Catholic variants of Christianity (Greek/Russian orthodox, etc.)

I’ve always found the endless yip-yap about what (if anything) constitutes “True” Christianity to be amusing:  given the existence of some 38,000 Protestant “Denominations” (many of which are radically dissimilar to one another boht in dogma and practices), it seems a tad bit presumptuous for anyone self-identifying with any “Protestant” denomination to even claim to know where to begin, in terms of evaluating the 37,990+ other “Satanic Counterfeits” outside of his/her Denominational “Overton Window”.

At least the Roman Catholic church used to have the balls to call “heresy” on Protestants (even if they were impotent to torture/slaughter “Christendom” back into line).

The amusing thing is: every variant of Protestantism considers THEMSELVES to be “true Christians” — while (tacitly) accusing (most) other Protestants (and all Non-Protestant “Christians” — Roman Catholic/Eastern Orthodox, Russian orthodox, etc.) of “unsound doctrine”/having their “Ears tickled”, etc.

And yet, somehow, by way of a level of “magical thinking” I cannot even begin to comprehend, their various clergy (priests, “Pastors”, etc.) all pretend that there is some kind of unity in the “Body of Christ”.

Christianity (since the “Reformation”) is a fractious morass of (ever-proliferating) cliques, many (most?) of which are deliberately ignorant of the dogma/practices of the others.

And yet, many of these people are the same ones who appear to spend the vast majority of their time obsessively harranging others about their putative “personal relationship with Jesus” (who mysteriously only bears a tenuous resemblance to the “Jesus” talked about by those OTHER “ear-ticklers”.)

I could post off-site links to a morass of web-sites and organizations wherein any number of self-identified “Christians” invest vast amounts of time and effort blasting one another’s various “Satanic Counterfeits”, but I really can’t bring myself to bother.

But, here’s the thing:

Especially in the United States, there are specific “Denominations” whose membership is overwhelmingly comprised of a specific Ethnic/”Racial” population.

For example, the various “historically Black” varieties of Protestantism:






How exactly is it possible for ANY self-identified “Christian” to reconcile the above with their own “sacred” text?

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28)


Keep the above in mind the next time some superficially friendly self-described “jesus Freak” goes into their “sales-pitch”.  You may “feel in your heart” that you’ve been “saved” — but your (subjective) “feeling” is pretty much guaranteed to be sumarrily dismissed out of hand by any other “Christian” who happens to take their OWN (unexamined) Dogma seriously enough to want to call YOUR out as a “Satanic Counterfeit”.




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