Windows 10 is beginning to piss me off:

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate:

Windows 10 has irremediably pissed me off.

Why is it that even when Micro$oft manages to do something “right”, they manage to make it suck?

Some of the reasons Windows 10 is pissing me off:

  1. They are actively pandering to “Aunt Tillie”:

The above reference comes from Eric S. Raymond’s “Jargon file

Aunt Tillie: n.

 linux-kernel mailing list] The archetypal non-technical user, one’s elderly and scatterbrained maiden aunt. Invoked in discussions of usability for people who are not hackers and geeks; one sees references to the “Aunt Tillie test”.

Now, let’s leave aside the fact that “Geek” culture has been doing itself a serious disservice for 30+ years, by (implicitly) viewing “non-technical users”/those who aren’t “hackers and geeks” as stupid sub-animals. (I’ll come back to that in a subsequent post).

My basic problem with the “Aunt Tillie” caricature is that it’s dangerous on a multitude of levels:

1. (Almost) no actual person is really as “scatterbrained” AND incapable of improvement as the purported “archetype” would suggest.  The (tacit) assumption is that (so-called) “gurus”/hackers/geeks/3l33t etc. were “born that way”.


EVERYONE experiences some sort of “learning-curve”.   EVERYONE was a mere “n00b” at  some point.  The only legitimate questions to ask, are such things as: how “steep” was (or is) the learning-curve experienced by any given individual?  How “fast” is that individual progressing?     Is the individual’s learning-curve becoming “less steep” over time?

So, that’s the first problem: Both Micro$oft AND “geek” culture are (implicitly or explicitly) assuming that those who don’t (currently) self-identify as “hackers”/”Geeks”/”Non-technical users” are STUPID SUB-ANIMALS who are INCAPABLE OF LEARNING AT ALL.

So, yeah:  “Geek” culture (especially as exemplified by GNU/Linux) tends to be really snippy/pretentious/short-tempered toward those assumed to be less knowledgeable  — without bothering to understand WHY they may (currently) be (relatively) ignorant with regard to a specific topic.

(Hint: telling somebody to “RTFM” — “Read the fucking manual” — tacitly assumes That they didn’t do so.  It is entirely possible — ESPECIALLY given the overt shittiness of so much of what passes for “documentation” (not to mention the well-known antipathy to writing documentation of any kind among “geeks”) that the unfortunate individual asking what you consider a “stupid” question HAS ALREADY RTFM, and merely failed to “UTFM” (UNDERSTAND the fucking manual).

So, no.  Both Micro$oft and “Geek” culture tacitly (or explicitly) operate from the premise that most people are simply too stupid to ever learn anything.

As a result:  Micro$oft has spent at least the last 25 years attempting to create a “Tillie-proof” OS.  During the same 25 years, the real-world equivalents of “Aunt Tillie” have been fumbling their way toward at least a rudimentary understanding of — at the very least — the basics of the GUI interface.  If they can manage to actually get any kind of “anti-virus” bullshit installed and running, they are already far beyond the level of “scatterbrained” idiocy ascribed to the “Aunt Tillie” stereotype.

Meanwhile, “Geek” culture (especially as exemplified by anything UNIX/Linux/GNU/BSD-related) can’t help but become ever more sidetracked into ever more idiotic nonsense:

NOBODY BUT RICHARD STALLMAN ACTUALLY GIVES TWO LIQUIDY SHITS ABOUT THE TERM “GNU/LINUX”.  Pandering to “RMS” might be a strategic move if you’ve invited him to give a talk at your university or something — but otherwise, nobody gives a shit.

Quite frankly, pandering to Stallman’s (many) idiotic quirks strikes me as abysmally stupid:

THAT is exactly the sort of stuff Micro$oft/Apple desperately need.  When the guy the Non-geek world (tacitly) views as the “Godfather” of the FLOSS (“Free/Libre Open Source Software”) paradigm can barely manage to refrain from eating stuff of of his own foot, and/or throwing toddler-like tantrums during his own speeches — well, you get the idea.

At any rate:  I’m seriously contemplating doing the “dual-boot” thing.

Over the last few days, I’ve managed to:

  1. Download Yumi.
  2. Download the latest KNOPPIX ISO image
  3. Grab the latest Debian “Live” ISO images (Hint: Debian offers a variety of “default” GUI options/window managers, etc.)
  4. Use the aforementioned Yumi/ISO images to create a bootable USB stick
  5. Figure out my desktop machine’s BIOS settings to where I can actually get the USB stick to boot
  6. (Merely as a test): use the “Windows 10 repair disc” to “reset” my windows installation (WHY does MIcro$oft have to resort to stupid terminology, instead of simply teaching “non-geeks” the already-established definitions of preexisting “technical jargon?”)

Thing is:  I don’t consider myself particularly “geeky”.

To the extent that I fit into any socioeconomic/sub-cultural “box”, I’m probably “Poor white trash with an Autodidactic streak”.

At any rate…..My next step (assuming I continue with this project at all) involves re-partitioning what Windows considers “Drive C”, such that I can then install  — some “flavor” of Debian to that drive, while (hopefully) preserving Windows 10 — as, if nothing else, a “fail-safe”.

The (current) hardware configuration of this machine (Memory, particularly) is just barely within the “minimum” specified for Windows 10.  At some point, I need to add more RAM to this machine — both to improve the aggregate performance, and as a means to squeeze as much potential usefulness out of the hardware itself as possible.  (“Planned Obsolescence” can — and SHOULD — begin “planning” for it’s OWN “obsolescence”).

At any rate….yeah.   If I’m going to end up having to periodically reinstall Windows 10 just to prevent this machine from grinding to a crawl, I may as well install a better (IE: more “open”/less “proprietary”) OS, and (probably) get back to learning about programming, etc.





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