Maybe thinking about configuring this system to Dual-boot something like Debian/Knoppix etc.:


Several reasons:

  1. Windows 10 is….definitely not the “best” operating system Micro$oft have ever produced.  (That was probably XP).  Windows 10 — the more I use it — strikes me as an attempt to combine the worst of both “worlds”: the (purportedly) “intuitive” GUI design explicitly aimed at the kind of users Eric S. Raymond calls “Aunt Tillie” (one’s “archtypal, scatter-brained Aunt”), combined with overly-complicated stuff like “Powershell” (which appears to be explicitly aimed toward IT professionals and “geeks”).

I get it — I really do.  The thing is, the modern equivalent of “Aunt Tillie” is at least slightly more “tech-savvy” than Micro$oft requires her to be.  They are better served by the Smartphone/Phablet/Tablet-type stuff:  pre-loaded with a standardized pallette of “apps” suitable to their (at best pseudo-“geek”) needs.  (Email, “social networking”, specialized “apps” which save them the non-hassle of actually having to go to a specific website to acquire exactly the same information as is available in the “app”, etc.)

Smartphone/phablet/tablet stuff strikes me as exactly the sort of “hey, let’s dumb it down to the point where even the functionally-illiterate can manage to fumble their way through misspelled Youtube comments about how “u suk n R a F@t Bitch!”.

(Hint: “LEET” was actually a profound step backward, in that it represented a deliberate attempt by “geeks” to actively pander to the stupid sub-animals surrounding them, by way of imitation.)

At any rate – don’t get me wrong: Phones/Phablets/tablets do genuinely address a valid use: mobile/portable computing.  Sadly, the mere fact that they are so “user-friendly” or “intuitive” or suchlike also ends up allowing genuinely stupid/ignorant/apathetic to be able to turn every “comment” section of ever web-page (as well as every “online discussion forum”) into a total shit-pile.

I really, really, REALLY dislike  the tendency to substitute individual letters for words (whether on the premise that doing so is somehow “clever”, or on the premise that anything which cannot be dumbed-down to the point where it can be “condensed” into a mere 140 characters or less, is unworthy of expression.





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