Anyone yip-yapping about “Race” (in any context) should be required to submit to one of those “ancestryDNA”-type tests

Quite frankly, racism pisses me off.

I genuinely cannot comprehend how stupid someone would have to be, to take the notion of “race” seriously.   I can barely stomach “race”-babble for the same reason I can barely restrain myself from laughing until I almost wet myself, when I encounter someone who actually believes in “Phrenology”.

Quite frankly, “race” is nothing more than a quasi-“legitimate” version of phrenology.

Moreover, any self-proclaimed “racialist” who (mistakenly) believes that he/she is somehow “racially pure” should be required to submit to one of those “AncestryDNA”-type tests. 

This is really a “win” on multiple levels:

1. It is overwhelmingly likely (to the point of near-certainty) that ANY specific individual will show a myriad of “Ancestry markers” originating among disparate “ethnicities”.  While it *is* theoretically possible that one such “ancestry” will predominate (say — Norther European), the fact of ANY so-called “admixture” (coupled with the infamous “one-drop rule” created by racist fuck-stains themselves) CANNOT HELP but box any modern-day racist fuckstain into a corner:  

Either they have to admit that the “one-drop rule” (and the “racial” categories it purportedly “enforces”) were idiotic bullshit from square one:

OR they have to admit to their OWN “racial impurity” at which point their idiotic yip-yap can be summarily dismissed as the gibbering of an ignorant sub-animal:

Best case scenario: They slink off in defeat, go home, and suck a gun barrel:

I’ll admit it: I am genuinely glad when (overt) racists die, because their deaths make the world just slightly less putrescent.


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