So, Karl called me on Sunday:

I genuinely dislike karl (KA3RCS) .

Not only is he a complete and total asshole, but the endless whining related to his never-ending cascade of self-inflicted failures has managed to drain any sympathy I might have had for him at one time:

Let’s see:

  1. He wasn’t fired from his current job.  (Reason: they sound exceedingly generous) — although he is now pissed at them, because they (slightly) downgraded him, due to the fact that he didn’t bother to actually tell them when — it ever — he would return to work.
  2. He doesn’t really give a shit whether they fire him or not, because he has supposedly “talked to” another guy, who (supposedly) claims that there is yet another job which he can basically ‘walk into”, without having to even bother with an interview.  (I’m increasingly dubious about this claim, whenever he makes it — as he has, with the last six jobs or so — all of which fired him, IIRC).
  3. He still hasn’t bothered to actually look at the (mounting) pile of medical bills.
  4. He can just barely afford the payments on his jeep.  He’s “only” got anouther 2 years or so of such barely-afforddable payments, until he can actually afford to divert money into getting the vehicle repaired enough to actually be inspected (as is required by PA law).
  5. Predictably, instead of placidly sucking “States’ Rights” dick (by complying with the regulation, or — at least — bothering to read up on the possible penalties etc.), HE wants to complain about “nanny statism”, “creeping tyranny”, and “drawing a line in the sand”.  (Translation: he’ll probably attempt to shoot his way out of what would otherwise be a (relatively) minor traffic stop, at some point.
  6.  He’s pissed about the “no outdoor antenna” thing at his trailer
  7. He’s pissed about the “no smoking on the premises” rule imposed by his landlord.
  8. As a result, he spends virtually every second when he’s not at his job, loitering around various parking-lots (Wal-mart/Sheetz, etc.), chain-smoking “cloves” and watching Youtube videos.  He doesn’t even take advantage of the fact that he (formerly) had his jeep tricked out as a “Ham shack on wheels” — Mobile HF transcievers, scanners, 2 meter/440, etc.  (Evidently, after 20+ years of not giving a shit, he’s decided that a rusted-out jeep sporting a veritable thicket of antennas is, somehow, “weird-looking” (as if a dumpy asshole loitering on the premises of a commercial establishment for 12 hours at a stretch isn’t “suspicious”-looking.

I got bored listening to him whine.



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