Tried to do the “Dual-Boot” thing:

Failed miserably.

Decided to scrap Windows 10 entirely (at least on this machine).

Several reasons:

1. Windows 10 actively attempts to be “Tillie-proof”, to the point where it is (almost) impossible to actually figure out how to use the damn thing.

They tore out critical features (like the ability to customize colors, etc.) in favor of some shitty, overblown “theme” implementation which doesn’t actually allow the sort of customization I tend to want.

Additionally, the system itself is so ridiculously resource-heavy that my system “handles” like a brick.  It can just barely manage not to run out of RAM with only the OS itself running.  Horribly, if I try to do anything substantive (even just having a web browser open) — not good.

Quite simply, I am not going to become one of those quasi-Pavlovian Micro$oft victims who actually believe that their system is somehow “obsolete” the millisecond they get it home.  The only reason Micro$oft has ever had the number of “users” they have is because far too much “consumer”-grade hardware is preinfected with whatever poorly-designed bloatware they’re trying to pass off as an “Operating System” at any given time.

So far, exactly the same physical hardware has been almost unbelievably responsive.

I simply refuse to continue being Micro$oft’s bitch, mindlessly disposing of perfectly usable hardware merely because their bloatware du-jour happens to be sloppily designed.

At any rate: this desktop system (which according to some — exceedingly idiotic marketing-driven Consumerist chimps) would be considered “ancient”/”obsolete” etc. — is now purring merrily, with a myriad of stuff happening in the EIGHT workspaces I have configured GNOME to use — and according to the system monitor, is just barely using around 30% of each CPU core, and less than half of my “only” 1 GB of RAM — and STILL not glitching, being unresponsive, or — most interestingly — causing the cooling fan to run itself up to truly horrifying intensity, where it sounds like my system is going to launch off the desk or some shit.

I was going to say that Micro$oft can “bite my ass”, but quite frankly, I wouldn’t allow anyone involved with that company anywhere me, at this point.

Debian “Wheezy” is the single creamiest, and non-glitchy computer-related experience I have EVER experienced.

This level of functionality should allow me to actually get stuff done, without having to fight with some “Proprietary”, closed, insecure, bloated shit-stain virus masquerading as an Operating System in order to get the slightest little thing don — to say nothing of allowing me to get off the FORCED “upgrade” treadmill where the primary use for any given computer system is to allow one to access information related to purchasing the NEXT “obsolete”-out-of-the-box system.

Not my scene — never again.



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