I am very tempted to do this — but would it be a “dick move”, or not?

For some reason, I think this would be fun:

  1. Find a “Bible study” run by some sort of “Fundie”/literalist Protestant types.  (the kind of people who actually believe that it didn’t rain before the supposed “global flood” in the Noah’s ark story, for example)
  2. Start attending regularly — sitting quietly and unobtrusively.
  3. Allow them to believe whatever they want about my ‘beliefs”.
  4. (Secretly) invite a Rabbi to attend their meeting — on the condition that the Rabbi please call them out — using the sort of counter-arguments used by (for example) Michael Skobac of www.jewsforjudaism.org/”Myjewishlearning.com“, etc.
  5. Sit back, and watch “Bible study” dissolve into a shit-storm.

Quite frankly, I think that would be funny as hell.  I sincerely doubt that any Fundies would actually succeed in “converting” a Rabbi.  Given that fact, I would really find it interesting to watch that Rabbi play whack-a-mole with their garbled misunderstanding of what Jews actually believe.

I know I’ll never do it, however.

Several reasons:

  1. Fundies “walk by faith, not by sight”.   Real-world translation: they don’t give two liquidy shits about counter-evidence.  If they were “raised” as Fundies, they (mis)understand their own power of reasoning — to whatever degree they retain the capacity to do so — as mere “temptation from Satan”, or a “Snare for the proud”, or other such bullshit.
  2. More than likely, they would fall back on Paul’s “Synagogue of Satan” bullshit, and become openly antisemitic, as a result of the incident.

(Hint: This is why Jews tend to STFU, and allow Fundies to shit-spew endlessly.)

Quite frankly, it wouldn’t be worth the amount of blowback which would inevitably ensue.  When Fundies get “butthurt” (say, by encountering someone intelligent enough not to uncritically swallow their “sales pitch” without actually thinking about it/reading up on the theology first — they (almost) inevitably dissolve into wining and delusions that they’re being “persecuted”.

So, no….I (probably) won’t ever do that.

I (inadvertently) destroyed a Jehovah Witness woman’s “faith” around the age of 12, because I asked her inconvenient questions.

I really don’t know whether that idea would constitute being an “instigator”, or not.




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