Ray: the Jesus-Obsessed pedophile

When I was around 13 or so, I was basically being “groomed” by a child-molester (Ray.)   In retrospect, I’m pretty sure that if he had tried anything substantive on me, I would most likely have stabbed him to death at the first opportunity.

(It really doesn’t take “brute strength” to cut somebody’s throat while they’re asleep).

At any rate: Ray had been “raised” Mennonite.  Predictably, after his conviction for what the PA legal code describes as “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child”, he gravitated toward Christianity — notas any kind of sincere attempt to live a moral life (which most variants of Christianity tacitly deny is even possible for “innately sinful” humans) — but more as a cover/excuse/cop-out.

See, according to Ray, jesus had “forgiven” him.  (interestingly enough: Ray never gave two liquidy shits about whether or not the CHILD(REN) he had fucked — or their parents — had “forgiven” him.  That never seems to cross the minds of the newly “saved”, for whatever reason.

(Actually, the reason is blindingly obvious: Christianity explicitly operates on the premise that the world is divided between “believers” and “unbelievers”.  Christianity essentially functions as the ultimate cop-out, as follows:

  1. Their obsession with the (supposed) “innate depravity” of humankind necessarily means that all humans are merely deluded, Satan-worshipping vermin who cannot “please” Yahweh at all — ESPECIALLY not by attempting to keep his “laws” (the 613 Mitzvot of the “old testament”, either of the two versions of the “ten commandments’, etc.).
  2. A key point of christian dogma is the notion of “unmerited grace”: humans are worthless, irremediably evil vermin whose mere existence is so offensive to Yahweh that He will (inevitably) rampage over the world, wreaking havoc of all sorts — before finally consigning 99.999999999999999999999999999999+% of his own ‘creatures” to eternal hellfire.
  3. Except, that is, if you “believe” that He “incarnated” as a human, had himself “killed”, stayed dead for 3 days, Ressurected (either bodily or “spiritually”), etc.
  4. The mere act of “believing” the above is enough, in and of itself, to grnt the “believer” the (dubious) privilege of spending eternity Ego-stroking Yahweh.  (They have a clever image for this: Jesus handing out “crowns” to the “risen” believers — for the sole purpose of having them throw those “crowns” at His feet — presumably for eternity.

At any rate: once you (claim to) ‘believe” the above — nothing real-world changes.   You are still as “sinful” as ever.  According to most Fundie idiocy, the ABSOLUTE MOST “change” which can occur is that you’ll still be the same evil little shit-chimp you always were — but now you’ll feel “guilty” about it.

In other words: by their own admission, the only real “difference” between “believers” and “unbelievers” is: their BELIEF that ONE “person” of a “triune Godhead” had himself slaughtered MERELY in order to appease ANOTHER “person’ of the same “Trinity”.

At any rate: upon release, Ray proceeded to engage in exactly the same sort of child-fuckery/kiddie-porn antics as before — get his parole revoked, and is likely to spend at least 30+ more years in prison (where he is most likely blathering about his “personal relationship with Jesus”, and helping other prisoners to be “saved” — after which they presumably feel slightly more guilty about shanking one another to death, or some shit.)

What got e to thinking about Ray, the child-molesting “Jesus-Freak?”:

The following sentiment on — of all things — a Zen Buddhism-related website:

There is a Zen saying, “Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water.”


In Ray’s case:

“Before ‘salvation’: fuck children an take photos of them.  After ‘salvation’: fuck children and take photos of them.”

(Oddly enough, for various reasons both the vast majority of “unbelievers”, and the vast majority of “believers” somehow manage to restrain their “innately depraved” natures from child-fuckery.

I find that fact…..curious, to say the least.




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