You can’t “reason” with unreason:

I’ve already highlighted why the “new Atheists” are futile in another post.  To recap:their obsession with Christianity (and, to a lesser extent, Islam) guarantees futility:

  1. there is simply no possible way to “reach’ someone who (implicitly or explicitly) believes that their “God” faked the fossil record — as a “snare for the proud”.
  2. There is no way to “reach” someone who (implicitly or explicitly) believes that the myriad of so-called “Pagan Christs” (IE: pseudo-“Christian” motifs endemic to pre-Christian ‘pagan’ religions) are “Plagiarism by anticipation”“.

The above two lines of “argument” guarantee that approximately 99.9999999999% of “Christians” will be utterly incapable of even comprehending counter-arguments raised against the “faith” they so relentlessly shove down everyone else’s throats.

You can’t show them “evidence” of any kind — not even the (well-known) fact that their own “sacred” text has demonstrably been corrupted in various ways.  They’ll probably just say that their “God” deliberately “inspired” the contradictions/scribal error/outright forgery etc. as a “snare for the proud”, and/or a “test” for the faithful.

3. However, the most basic reason why the “New Atheists” are futile, however, boils down to the (regrettable) fact that you simply can’t cure stupid.   There will always be at least a subset of folks “raised” either in genuinely “devout” homes, or at least ass-deep in the tepid, garbled, implicitly “Christian” worldview, that at least some of them — when confronted with a particularly desperate situation — will BLUNDER INTO ‘RELIGIOUS “BELIEF” out of a mix of gullibility and desperation.

Blatant, indefensible, brazen irrationality is JUST REALLY, REALLY EASY.  “Critical thinking” is a skill.  Skills take effort to develop — and pretty much the ENTIRE history of “Christianity” has consisted of one, unrelenting, brazen attempt to DESTROY the “believer’s” ability to evaluate Christianity’s innumerable truth-claims rationally.

Just ask Martin Luther.

Quite simply, there will always be a new crop of gullible/desperate/indoctrinated victims for the “clergy” of 38,000+ “denominations” to bilk out of an endless stream of “tithes” and “voluntary” donations, and “Jesus”-related swag — and at least a small subset of those “believers” will inevitably end up being “weaponized”, and used to perpetrate “Christianity” on yet more gullible/desperate victims.





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