Valerie Tarico: gentle as a feather, sharp as a blade:

This is from the comments section, where she replies to a detractor:

Valerie Says: Hi Sonia –
You ask how what I think about two verses. But I cannot consider these two or any verses outside the whole trajectory of scripture. I cannot consider them without regard to who wrote those verses and why, who decided that a specific fragment of writings to be a part of the Bible and why, or what rationales are used currently to emphasize different parts of scripture and to downplay others. All of these are human decisions.
That is all I’m trying to say. I keep saying it, or at least struggling to find the right words, because it when we don’t recognizing these as human decisions, we mistake human creations for manifestations of God. That is idolatry. And it puts us at risk of violating the deepest values of Christianity itself, the heart of the ministry that is described in the Gospels, and the moral core that Christianity shares with many of the world’s great wisdom traditions. Human history and Christian history are fraught with errors of this type made by people who earnestly sought to do God’s will.
If we ignore the layers and layers of human judgments that lie between us and the ultimate realities we are trying to understand, then verses such as the ones you quote not only seem clear, but seem to be a clear statement of the will of God.
If we do look at the layers of human decisions that have brought those specific verses in that specific English form to your attention, then we realize how humble we must actually be about asserting that we are absolutely sure what is right.

Mars Hill: Light and Darkness

For whatever reason, I can’t help but admire that.  There’s something…..elegant and balanced in the way that she responded.

It also encapsulates (in a particularly ‘gentle” fashion), why I have never been able to buy into “biblical inerrancy”, or the other cop-outs/gimmicks used by Fundies (and even some “mainstream” Christian apologists).  I am incapable of buying into the notion that a purportedly omnipotent/omnibenevolent “God” would “create” Earth over 7, 24-hour “days” at a specific point in 4004 BC, FAKE the fossil record to deliberately mislead “the Proud”, and then “divinely inspire” a myriad of errors/contradictions/textual corruption, etc.

The whole chain of “reasoning” is just indefensibly stupid, and, quite frankly, unworthy of even an overt irrationalist such as martin Luther



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