THIS is why they’re dangerous:

When a dogma takes hold of you and shapes your moral priorities, you can do all kinds of things, good or evil, and they can come from a place of love.  Encouraging women to pump out “quivers full” of babies, telling gays and Jews they are going to hell, dismissing the moral wisdom of non-believers – these are minor compared to other things that have been done in service to the God of Love. 

Long ago Spanish Conquistadors baptized native infants and then ran them through with swords.  As extreme as this sounds to us today, they may have been feeling pained benevolence, born of certainty that they had no choice when dealing with people they viewed as ‘savages’.  The young men who drove planes into the Twin Towers may very well have acted out of love—love of God and love of their fellow Muslims.  When we see ourselves as servants of a higher good, and when we pair that attitude of service with certitude, we become capable of the selflessness of Mother Teresa or the horrors of the Inquisition. 

Mars Hill: Light and Darkness

Quite frankly, I cannot bring myself to give two liquidy shits about whether the actions of superstitious psychopaths “Feel like love from the inside”, or not.

Neither should you.

Again, Ayn Rand (in one of her lucid moments):

If, in the course of philosophical detection, you find yourself, at times, stopped by the indignantly bewildered question: “How could anyone arrive at such nonsense?”—you will begin to understand it when you discover that evil philosophies are systems of rationalization.

Quite frankly, this is the problem.  The basic reason why Fundie idiocy continues to spread — and to function as essentially a culture-wide version of Alzheimer’s disease is: everybody else is too intent on mollycoddling, enabling, “nurturing” delusional cultists in their idiotic “beliefs”, to actually risk CALLING THEM OUT.

I’m done.

I can’t bring myself to continue cutting my own throat in that way.

Okay: so you claim that you’re “not afraid” or “ashamed” to call yourself a Christian?

That would be tolerable — If more of you (especially the so-called “Moderates”) spent more time fighting back against the Fundie imbeciles.  Earth was NOT “created” over 7, 24-hour days in 4004 BC.  Yahweh did NOT systematically fake the sciences of geology and biology simply as a “snare for the proud”.  Moreover, Yahweh DID NOT “inspire” the myriad of internal inconsistencies, scribal errors, incessant squabbling about whether or not the “Apocrypha” is canonical or not, etc.

At least……not if “He” is actually worth “worshipping”.

“He” also didn’t do any of those things if “He” turns out to be a severely overrated fictional character.

At this point, it is the responsibility of anyone who “believes they’re a Christian” to preface ALL of their “faith-based” proclamations (as well as their sad, pathetic little sales-pitch gimmicks), by answering ONE simple question:

Do you agree with THEM?  (Westboro Baptist, “Young Earth” creationists, the “Quiverful” psychopaths, etc.?

Moreover, any self-proclaimed “Christian” with even a modicum of sanity left needs to realize that the publicly-acknowleged history of their own “Faith” is basically one, unbroken string of atrocities — inflicted on “Believers” and “unbelievers” alike.

So, no:  NOBODY ELSE trusts you, anymore.

They’re not going to trust you to teach (or even “debate): biology, paleontology, the merits of whichever religion/non-religion you’re trying to “save” them from, etc.

It’s over.

You can continue to pretend that the only reason why “the World” has pretty much stopped listening, and (almost as a matter of reflex) treats self-proclaimed “Christians” as a laughing-stock is because of “Pride”, or “Satan”, or their “having their ears ticked” by “unsound doctrine”, or any other asinine rationalization gives you an excuse for NOT looking your own “faith”-community SQUARELY IN THE FACE.

Meanwhile, your gimmicks no longer work.  Your (theological) forebears spent centuries squandering  any sort of “cultural capital” or respectability your “brand” once had.

And now, it’s coming home to roost:

But, hey: feel free to keep “polishing the turd”:

I wonder how many of the 38,000+ “Denominations” will manage to stumble along, and for how long?

Quite frankly, at this point you’re way past the point of no return.

Quite frankly, to the extent you (“loudly and proudly!”) proclaim your allegiance to “Christianity”, at this point, you really shouldn’t be surprised when everybody else takes a few steps backwards, and gives you “that look”.

We’re all pretty clear on the history of YOUR religion — even if you’re not.

It’s going to be amusing watching how the various “Denominations” deal with the above:

Now, here’s the thing: EVEN IF the “Christian” conceit were true (IE: all other religions are merely “man made”, yours is the only truly “divinely inspired” one, etc. — which is, oddly enough, exactly what Wahhabi Muslims say about their own religion — but that’s just a coincidence)….

EVEN if you wanted to “humor” Christians by going that far, here’s the thing:

Even by the standards of your OWN religion, none of “us” have any way of ACTUALLY KNOWING whether you’ve been “Saved”/”have a personal relationship with Jesus”, or whatever other idiotic theological buzzword/verbal tic you insist on using.

Moreover, the more overtly “religious” you insist on being, THE MORE ground we have for summarily dismissing ANYTHING you have to say as — at best — hypocrisy, and at worst, EXACTLY the sort of “Satanic counterfeit” you claim to be against:

As to the history of Christianity?

Matthew 7:18 talks about the “Good tree”, and the “Bad fruit”.

Were the Crusades “Good fruit?”

How about the Inquisition?

How about the endless, sectarian warfare between Protestants and Catholics (up until Freethinkers managed to neuter them both by “quarantining” Religion behind a “wall of separation”?

Seriously:  actually learn something about the history of your own “Faith”.

Stop trying to hand-wave away all the horrible shit done “in the name of” the religion which you not only insist on “loudly and proudly” proclaiming, but on also relentlessly shoving down everyone else’s throats, in what you claim to be an attempt to “Save” us.

Above all: LEARN TO WIPE YOUR OWN ASSES, theologically speaking.

Because quite frankly, your “Whited Sepulcher” bullshit is really played-out at this point.






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