Karl isn’t even entertaining anymore. Talking to him is just depressing, at this point:

I’ve alluded to Karl (KA3RCS), in a few other posts.  Basically,  I’ve known him since 1989 or suchlike.  He’s an arrogant, condescending asshole, a compulsive E-hoarder, and so amazingly gullible as to actively believe in just about every “paranormal” or “conspiracy-theory” related topic imaginable — even when they conflict with one another.

The thing is: for whatever reason, I can’t bring myself to just hang up on the guy, and never talk to him again.  Over the years, his endless string of (largely self-inflicted) failures has beaten him down to the point where he is now little more than a severely-depressed shell of his former self.  He’s on the razor’s edge of being fired from his (most recent) job.  His rickety shitbucket of a Jeep requires $600 in repairs (which he admits he cannot afford).

This is leaving aside the myriad of medical bills resulting from his recent hernia operation.  he hasn’t bothered to even check how much they are billing him, because (in his words) “It’s totally irrelevant, since I can’t even pay to get my Jeep repaired!”).

As it is, by his own admission, he is  perilously close to losing   the (barely functional) jeep, his trailer (and the vast amount of E-waste crammed floor-to-ceiling therein), the various storage units of E-scrap he’s been intermittently “organizing” for the last 20+ years — and whatever precarious shreds of sanity he has so far managed to retain.

I genuinely feel bad for the guy.  Don’t get me wrong: seeing an arrogant prick like him spiraling downward is a BEAUTIFUL THING.  Moreover, it’s not like everything that’s happening to him isn’t richly deserved.  If — or more likely WHEN — he finally does end up losing the entire “collection” — along with everything else — he’s probably going to end up homeless, at which time I will most likely drop out of contact with him completely.

I really can’t say that I would be saddened by any of it.  If it was anybody else, I might  still be able to muster up some sort of compassion or empathy.  Given Karl’s arrogance, condescension toward me over the years, and tendency to shoot himself in the foot at every possible opportunity….no.



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