I genuinely hope Karl loses everything:

His rickety shit-box of a jeep.  His (exceedingly cluttered) trailer.  The vast, unsorted, and utterly indefensible morass of E-waste crammed floor-to-ceiling in that trailer.  The various storage units also crammed full of the same sort of garbage.


I hope he loses his job, and is unable — totally unable to bamboozle anyone else into hiring him, again.   I really hope he ends up having his driver’s license suspended, and then ends up being jailed for driving on a suspended license.

I also hope he says the “wrong thing” to somebody while jailed, and loses some teeth (at the very least).

Quite frankly, I hope all of this not because any of these things would eventually help him improve, but purely because they are the inevitable — and glaringly obvious — consequences of the last several decades of stupid decisions and buck-passing.

I’m bored with his whining, stupid obsessions (ooh look, an inordinate number of burnt-out license-plate bulbs!  Must indicate something cosmic and otherworldly!)

Mostly, I just want to see the arrogant asshole fail.  The arrogant fuck has taken entirely too much pleasure in insulting and belittling me over nearly 30 years of our “friendship”.

Knowing that he has been reduced to a homeless, ragged, defeated shell of his former self — and that the fucking inane “computer museum” rationalization for compulsive E-hoarding has been sold for scrap — would probably have me grinning for days.

Again: if it was anybody else, I would probably be able to muster up some level of compassion — but not for him.  If you drink clorox, and end up vomiting blood as a result, you don’t deserve ass-pats for having done so.

Karl’s “lifestyle” choices don’t strike mas being substantively dissimilar.  Listening to a compulsive E-hoarder rationalize his compulsions, and babble about burnt-out license plate bulbs is…..exceedingly tedius.



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