Karl is losing his mind

So, Karl (KA3RCS) has called me the last two night:

Last night, he was “bored” because he was at the laundromat.

Tonight, he was (as usual) loitering around in a parking-lot.

Both “conversations” consisted of him whining about how depressed he is, refusing to even consider any sort of mental-health treatment, refusing to even consider getting rid of any of his myriad storage-units crammed full of E-waste,  and babbling about how me should probably just “end it all” (hint: he never even tries.  He’s basically a 44-year-old version of those “Emo” girls who go on about how they “cut themselves to feel alive”.).

Anyway, in among all of the idiocy, his new obsession is even dumber than his previous conspiracy/paranormal-related obsessions: an “uncanny”number of vehicles with burned-out licence-plate bulbs.  Supposedly (according to Karl0, this is an instance of “The Universe trying ot tell him something”.

This has to be the most blatantly idiotic “paranormal” thing I could ever have imagined.

I always thought it would be entertaining when Karl’s arrogance etc. finally came home to roost — but instead, it’s just extremely pathetic and squalid.



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