Karl is *still* losing his mind:

So, Karl (KA3RCS) is just depressing at this poing.

As I’ve mentioned before, his “lifestyle” outside of his work hours consists (nearly) exclusively of loitering in various parking-lots.  His latest obsession is the “fact” that he’s seen an inordinate number of burned-out license-plate lights over the past several months.  This (of course) inevitably signifies something cosmically profound and otherworldly.

So, Karl evidently wants me to fawn over this, as if it were the equivalent to solving the Roswell mystery, or finding out that I have sasquatch DNA in my ancestry, or some such thing.

At best, I regard it as representative of the  “paradiculous” —  that particularly asinine “grey area” where the “paranormal” begins to shade into the MIND-NUMBINGLY ridiculous/idiotic.

Karl wanted me to “help him figure out what it means”.

Couldn’t be confirmation-bias.  Couldn’t be some sort of vaguely-interesting (but extremely localized) statistical anomaly.  Couldn’t have anything to do with whether or not the local police departments actually give a shit about license-plate bulb-related offenses in that area.  (law Enforcement prioritizing resources?  Nah, couldn’t be.)

So I suggested the following:

  1. Get video documentation (if possible).
  2. Scope out a specific location, at specific times (say — the same two-hour period over the course of several weeks.)  explicitly write down when this “uncanny” phenomenon occurred – location/time).    
  3. Change to a different location after a specified amount of time.  Actually document THAT   Lather-rinse-repeat as needed.
  4. Post the “results” to any of the numerous Reddit forums/websites related to such topics.

In other words: actually invest some sort of systematic effort into INVESTIGATING the fuckin’ thing, instead of merely assuming a prior that it MUST be some sort of otherworldly/profound/cosmic message SPECIFICALLY DIRECTED TOWARD HIM.

Sadly (but predictably) all of my suggestions are “utterly superfluous”, since I’m supposed to merely gape in utter bemusement at the “fact” that he — alone, out of the 7 billion other humans currently inhabiting this planet — has stumbled upon to what just has to be the most Earth-shatteringly profound phenomenon in the history of humankind — instead of, y’know, actually figuring out ways for the stupid dickhead to actually CONFIRM it, or anything.

Then, he hung up on me.  Lovely (but – again – totally predictable.)

I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised that this license-plate bulb thing strikes him as “profound”;  literally every other aspect of his “lifestyle” is (rapidly) circling the drain.

Sad….really, really sad.




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