Some of Karl’s other obsessions:

Over the course of our (nearly) 30-year “friendship”, Karl has become obsessed — nearly to the point of mania — with the following (that I know of):

  1. Bill cooper (Conspiracy-theorist, shortwave radio host, wife-beating drunk, committed suicide-by-cop back in 2001).
  2. The Matrix trilogy
  3. Electronics/computers (especially old 8-bit machines: CoCo, Amiga, etc.)
  4. David Icke
  5. Nutritional/herbal supplements (when he can “afford” them — since so much of whatever money he has on hand always goes toward paying for his various storage units of E-scrap).
  6. Sub-collections (LED watches/calculators)
  7. Anything involving “nixie tubes”
  8. Nikola tesla

For a (somewhat) time-shifted glimpse into his mind-state as of (I think) May 2001, you can go to

(Warning: EXCEEDINGLY Spergy.

Also interesting is the fact that he hasn’t actually done anything with his “experimental” homepage in over a decade.

Oh wait, did I mention that there’s MORE?

His “web presence”:

<Fun Fact: one pseudo-sentence, one link, one 404 error! :)>

For even more of the same kind of — whatever the hell you want to call it, check out his personal profile on

(Please note the stream-of-consciousness rant about RF-noise, with no off-side links, whatsoever.)

Undoubtedly, (in the exceedingly unlikely event that anybody actually bothers to view any of his shit-tacular nonsense), Karl will probably accuse me of having “doxed” him, or of “cyberstalking”, or something along those lines.

Just bear in mind: the individual responsible for the above-linked screeds spends the vast majority of his non-work hours hanging out in various parking-lots, streaming vast amounts of “creepypastas” on Youtube, or staring in slack-jawed amazement at the fact that automobiles have burnt-out license plate lights.






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