So, what happens next?

It is overwhelmingly likely that Trump will lose, and Hillary Clinton will become the next president of the United Staes.

On one level this is good, because Trump is an imbecile.  Quite frankly, it is exceedingly easy for an already-wealthy individual to become wealthier:  all it takes is being in a position to pay folks who are infinitely more intelligent than you are, to actually do stuff.

Thus, Trump could be a barely-literate imbecile for decades — an individual who spent most of his time attempting to “grab ’em by the pussy” — and become absurdly wealthy by way of casinos — the only purpose of which is to fleece stupid people.

So, yeah: Trump is a barely-literate, racist, pandering sub-animal whose entire “campaign” has consisted of ginning up racists, xenophobes, religious bigots, etc.

The problem is: WHEN he loses — his “base” will continue to exist.

They won’t magically evaporate.  They will still be as ignorant, bigoted, racist, xenophobic and belligerent as they’ve always been.  Trump’s “base” is merely a re-branding of worst elements of the “Tea party” — which was itself merely a re-branding of the worst elements of the “Militia”/conspiracy-theorist weirdos you used to hear on Short-wave back in the ’90s.

(True, some of the less gun-crazy have gravitated toward David Icke and Alex Jones, but you get the idea.)


Most probably, exactly the same general trajectory that emerged after Barrack Obama won the first time, back in 2008.  In many ways, the Obama years were something of a “replay” of Bill Clinton’s presidency.  The whole era had a definite ’90s vibe.

So, yeah:  I genuinely believe that Hillary Clinton will be the next president.  Unfortunately, best-case scenario for the next 4 (or even 8?) years is: partisan grid-lock coupled with yet more of the same, tired-ass racial/religious/”gender”-based “culture war” which has been going on virtually nonstop since at least 1964.

Quite frankly, the whole thing bores me shitless.






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