“KJV-only”: even dumber than other Fundie Protestants:

So, some while ago, one of my wife’s friends (who I consider more of an “acquaintance” — she’s definitely ‘closer” to my wife), happened to mention something fascinating:

  1. Both this friend and her husband self-idenfity as Christians.  Moreover, they attend a local congregation/bible study which can probably best be described as “Independent Baptist”, and/or “Baptist-leaning” (as she describes  it.)
  2. Their next-door neighbor also self-idenfies as a Christian.  The personal interaction between the neighbors could probably best be described as “cordial, if somewhat frosty”.
  3.  Her neighbor has explicitly told both my wife’s friend and her husband that they are both hell-bound — specifically because they use the “wrong” Bible translation.

As you might have guessed, this woman is a KJV-only literalist.


The KJV-only thing has always highlighted the utter hypocrisy and viciousness which lurks just under the surface of even the “nicest” religious folks.

I guess part of why I find the KJV-fetishists incomprehensible has to do with the fact that the region where I was born (South-Central PA) is still heavily populated with two Non-English-speaking “White” demographic populations:

The Amish and Mennonites

Up until approximately 50 years ago, neither of those ethno-religious subcultures treated English as their “first language”


Rather, both populations predominately used what was then called “Pennsylvania Dutch” .  Lately, some “pride” groups have taken to calling it “Der Muddersprooch” (the “mother-tongue”):


Both the Amish and Mennonites represent Ethno-religious subcultures derived from the (post-Lutheran) German “Anabaptist” heretics/schismatics/”Reformer”).

Another such ethno-religious subculture (with which I am significantly less well-acquainted) is the Hutterites.  Their various farm-colonies tend to be more in the Midwest and Canada, and suchlike.


So, yeah: I can’t help but recognize the fact that my own ancestors are approximately 40 years removed fro having been a Non-English speaking population.  (The fascinating thing about this: the “Pennsylvania Dutch” managed to reside on the North American continent for over 150 years, without “assimilating” either linguistically or culturally, into what is now widely regarded as mainstream “White” American culture.  And yet some of my own relatives have actively embraced the “English-only” fetishism — especially in regard to those of Puerto Rican/Latino ancestry.


(I find it amusing when some bigoted dickhead starts yip-yapping about how they should “learn to speak English” if they’re going to live in the U.S. — and then proceeds to sprinkle his ignorant, racist dog-whistle screed with “words” like “ferhoodled”, and verbal tics such as “naw, wunst.”

Dutchified English (Pennsylvania Dutch English)

Oh shit, I’m off topic again! 🙂

But, yeah: the “KJV-only” idiocy is yet another reason why “dialog” with Fundies is futile.  THEY get to decide wither you’re a “true Christian”, or merely “believe that you’re a Christian”, or just somebody having their “Ears ticked by unsound doctrine”……

THIS is why I don’t bother to “engage” with any of them.

Don’t get me wrong: it must be really, really reassuring and warm-fuzzy to never have to stick your head out of your own sub-cultural “echo chamber”.  That level of ignorance (and the bigotry with which it goes hand in hand) — must be a hell of a “security blanket”.

Then again, I guess you could say the same thing about racism, or any other form of “Groupthink”.


I’m way past where I can even begin to take that kind of bullshit seriously.




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