Karl isn’t a “collector”, he’s a hoarder:

According to this website:

Hoarding has three components:

  • Acquiring possessions compulsively – compulsive buying, or collecting free things.
  • Saving all these possessions and never discarding.
  • Not organizing and maintaining all the saved possessions.

Collecting vs. Hoarding

This sums up Karl’s approach thing his various “collections”, nicely

For one thing, the overwhelming majority of the stuff he has “collected” over the decades does not consist of items he deliberately purchased or intentionally acquired.  Rather, the fast majority of the stuff was amassed willy-nilly, mostly from stuff that other people at Hamfests didn’t want to bother taking home after the ‘fest.

For another thing, he has never reliably cataloged any of the stuff (other than claiming to have a “running list” in his head).  How the fuck is he ever going to run a “computer museum” if he has no idea what his “collection” even contains?

The whole thing is just incredibly haphazard, sordid and pathetic.  If it wasn’t for the storage-units, he’d be buried under vast amounts of (unsorted) stuff which may or may not contain working/fixable equipment.

Quite simply, the “computer museum” is both a (futile) pipe-dream, and particularly transparent rationalization for compulsive – and utterly purposeless E-hoarding.



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