More tidbits to ponder:

  1. This election has pretty conclusively destroyed any self-described “Pundit” who predicted a victory for HIlary.  (Great example of this: Nate Silver).  From this point on, pretty much anything said by “Beltway” dickheads can — nay, must — be summarily rejected.
  2. ENOUGH with “staying home” during OIf-year elections.  ENOUGH with the dumb-as-a-bucket-of-shit notion that failure to vote somehow “sends a message”.  The real-world equivalent of “Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel” from “the Simpsons” just turned out en masse, and basically handed the U.S.A. to a barely-verbal proto-fascist in a shitty toupee.

So can we please stop pretending that Congress/Governorships are irrelevant?  Can we pretty please (with unicorn-turds on top) stop pretending that  any Republican running at any level actually deserves to be elected?

EVERY Republican office-holder — down to the local level — needs to answer for decades of stupid:  Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, that godawful “Freshman class” which basically hobbled the final six years of Obama’s two terms, etc.

EVERY RepubliCON needs to go the way of Joe Arpaio.

Quite frankly, if self-proclaimed “Progressives” don’t stop fucking around, they deserve anything and everything that President-elect DERP (and the incoming RepubliCON shitshow) inflict on them over the next 4 (8?  16?) years.




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