Well, shit:

Couple things:

  1. ANYONE who voted for Trump?  Exactly how mind-numbing stupid do you have to be to vote for Trump?

He’s not going to “make American Great again!”.   All those Rust-belt jobs that have been outsorced/offshored for the  past 3 decades are not coming back.  How exactly is he going to magically reinstate the sort of protectionist tariffs that would involve?

Oh, that’s right: he won’t.   The “Free trade” wing of the Republican party has spent decades teaching their segment of “Conservatism” to cheer everytime something gets off-shored, or relocated to the various “Developing nations” (smirk!) where stuff is actually manufactured.

(Hint: A multimillionaire dickhead who has personally benefited from so-called “Free trade” is not going to magically reinstate the sort of economic nationalism/protectionism involved in reversing what the “Free trade” wing of the Republican party has been duping their “base” into supporting ever since Reagan started yip-yapping about “Morning in America”.)

So, no.  That’s not gonna happen.  NAFTA, etc. cannot be repealed (or even substantially changed) by one barely-verbal asshole with a shitty toupee.

Trust me, I get it: Trump-tards genuinely believe that the fact that they handed Congress to the Republican party on a silver platter somehow means that those Congressional Republicans will automatically spend the next 4 years sucking his dick.

Sure it does. 

All you’ve managed to do by ensuring that Trump was (s)elected is to shit on 30+ years of corporate cock-sucking (thinly disguised as respect for “Free Enterprise” and “Economic Globalization”).     You’re not going to magically see an up-surge in “made in America” tags, folks.  The real power behind the Republican (and “Democratic”) parties — the transnational, corporate plutarchs — will never permit it.

2. Guess what?  The fact that (predominately) Rural/uneducated/racist whites have (most likely) managed to elect somebody like President-Elect “Grab ’em by the pussy” changes nothing, long-term

The (steady) depopulation of “Flyover country” will continue — and if anything, will probably accelerate, as non-racist, non-xenophobic, LGBTQ-friendly  White “Millenials”, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. finally write off those regions entirely.  the only exception that rule?  Texas, and the other states bordering Mexico — which are pretty much destined to become majority Hispanic — magical border-wall, or no.



You’ve just managed to anger (or terrify) two of the fastest-growing demographic segments in the U.S. (Blacks and Hispanics).  Smooth move, bigots.

You’ve also managed to ensure (at least) 4 years of “culture war” that is pretty much guaranteed to make everything post-1965 pale in comparison.

But the worst thing is: what do you think is going to happen when President-Elect DERP utterly fails to deliver on any of the psychotic bullshit he spent his entire campaign spewing?

No border-wall

No economic “protectionism”

No mass Deportations

No “total shut-down of Muslims”

What exactly do you think is going to happen, then?

If he doesn’t come through in terms of all the bullshit “campaign promises”, he — and anyone who voted for him — come out looking like total dipshits, because we get 4 years of Republicon “Bidness”-as-usual.

If he does manage to make the border wall/”total shutdown of Muslims”, etc. — that’s going to mobilize every demographic you hate to an extent that will be fucking terrifying.

Remember the L.A. riots?


Am I “advocating” this?

Here’s a thought-experiment: if someone shoots vast amounts of heroin, ends up dead as a result, after a concerned bystander mentioned that an overdose was a distinct possibility, has that bystander “advocated” that outcome?

Quite frankly, this (s)Election has most likely pulled the pin on all of the “Culture wars” which have been simmering over the past 50+ years.

Either Trump will continue to be Trump (and conclusively alienate Non-Wites, women, etc. in the process) — or he “dials it back”, and basically becomes a bad parody of George W. Bush.

Either way, that doesn’t change long-term Demographic trends, and (more critically) does nothing to “build bridges” or “heal the wounds”, or any other hippie-dippy bullshit of that nature.

It’s gonna be entertaining watching the next 4 years of utterly epic, lulzy failure from President-Elect Derp — culminating in the complete and total defeat of Right-wing “Populist” idiocy.

Either way, the fuse has been lit on something really ugly ca. 2020.

Good job, folks.




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