“Liberals” and “Progressives” really, really, REALLY need to settle the fuck down. President-(s)Elect Derp is NOT going to be able to single-handedly destroy the planet:

Here’s the thing:

Both “sides” of the (mainstream) “culture war” tend to view those (purportedly) on the “other side” in the most simplistic and caricatured way possible.  In other words, both “Liberals” and “Conservatives” tend to – implicitly or explicitly – rely on battling a shitty straw-man version of their opponents.

Here’s an example that no Rightist activist would even understand: the squabble between so-called “Radical” feminists, and “trans” activists:

You might be a TERF if…


Now, here’s the thing:  what passes for mainstream “Conservatism” either has no idea that debate like the above is happening at all, or would find that fact incomprehensible.

Same goes for “leftists” who can’t wrap their brains around the (fairly significant) differences among the morass of  Libertarians, Fundamentalist Christians, corporate lobbyists/lickspittles, etc. who end up being lumped together as “Right-wing” or “Conservative”, or suchlike.

Right now, “The Left” is in full-on pants-shitting mode, evidently operating from the premise that President-Elect Derp will actually be able to follow through on every single dumb-ass “chicken in every pot”, pie-in-the-sky “promise”/wet-dream scenario he garbled about during his rallies.

That ain’t gonna happen.

For one thing, his (supposedly) “Populist” platform would be extremely undesirable both to the (corporate) “Free-trade” types, and — more importantly — to the trans-national corporate oligarchs who have spent the last 50 years or so, using Libertarianism/Objectivism/”Free trade” buzzwords as ideological cover for THEIR OWN wet-dream scenario: a total lack of anything resembling “corporate accountability”, requiring as little bribery (er, I mean “lobbying”) of (s)elected officials as possible.

Quite frankly, much of his inane ramblings is extremely undesirable to what they actually want:


Some particularly choice excerpts from the above:

Trump won’t make America great

Unless you think isolationism is a winning strategy, Trump’s economic plan is not good for economic growth. His trade proposals alone, including the imposition of punitive tariffs on China (45%) and Mexico (35%), “could unleash a trade war that would plunge the U.S. economy into recession and cost more than 4 million private-sector jobs,” according to an analysis by the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Trump boasts about his across-the-board tax cuts — “the biggest tax cuts since Ronald Reagan” — but only his inner circle believes a supply-side miracle can rescue the U.S. economy from the burgeoning growth in entitlement spending.

Moody’s Analytics examined Trump’s economic plan and concluded that it would result in a significantly weaker economy, lower tax revenue, bigger deficits, higher unemployment, and lower stock and real estate prices. Even “Trump Lite,” as Moody’s calls a congressionally scaled-back version of the Trump agenda, would have negative across-the-board consequences.

There is one small positive: Trump’s plan might make America better, if not great, for one group: the top 1%.

There is one small positive: Trump’s plan might make America better, if not great, for one group: the top 1%.

Some more, from the same article:

3. “America First” is a third-rate slogan

“America First will be the major and overriding theme of my administration,” Trump declared at what was billed as a major foreign policy address in April.

Students of history know that the phrase has ugly connotations from the past. The America First Committee, established in 1940, was determined to keep the U.S. out of the war raging in Europe, petitioning Congress to ensure the U.S. remained uninvolved. Many AFC members, most notably Charles Lindbergh, were anti-Semites as well as isolationists.

Why would Trump revive a slogan that reeks of hate? He has explained his fondness for “America First” as a means of conveying his focus on prioritizing U.S. interests over those of other nations. But one has to wonder if, in adopting such a tainted slogan, Trump has any real understanding of what it connotes.

The America First Committee was laid to rest after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. The slogan, America First, seems to have found its reincarnation in Donald Trump.


4. Limited government does not mean a government of one

Many of Trump’s comments suggest that the candidate is unfamiliar with the concept of a separation of powers in the U.S. among the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. He seems to prefer a more authoritarian style of leadership, associated with strongman Vladimir Putin.

Like other presidents, Trump would have to learn the limits to presidential power as articulated in the U.S. Constitution. For example, the president cannot change the libel laws, as Trump has suggested; block the proposed merger between AT&T Inc. T, -0.03%   and Time Warner Inc. TWX, -0.31%  ; instruct the military to torture prisoners; or retaliate against political opponents.

It would take some time to educate Trump, the real-estate tycoon, in a system based on checks and balances. Then again, as he often boasts, no one knows the system better, or makes better deals, than he.

So, you can already see the beginnings of very real discontent with President-Elect Derp.  The transnational (corporate) oligarchy has already decided that his “signature” wet-dream scenario (Build a border wall, and deport all the ‘spics’!) would be (slightly) inconvenient to their bottom-line.

Their Congressional sock-puppets WILL see to it that President Derp’s stupidest “promises”  never happen.




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