I’m beginning to wish I was Australian:

This story is just amazingly dumb on every level imaginable:


As far as I can decipher, some Dumbass decided that it would be a totally genius move to fly a Swastika flag over his house — as an anti-Trump protest.  Evidently, his intention was to compare Trump to Mussolini — “except that the Nazis had a better flag”, or some such idiocy.

Some choice tidbits from — whatever this is:

Flying a Nazi flag at his home in San Francisco’s Dolores Heights on Wednesday was Frederick Roeber’s attempt to make a social comment on President-elect Donald Trump.

But the 48-year-old quickly realized the display was misguided when neighbors spotted the ominous swastika and immediately confronted him in the street outside the house.

Roeber, who is retired and lives in the storybook-esque home on the corner of Sanchez and 21st streets, said he didn’t like Trump’s comments about Muslims and Mexican immigrants during the election.

“I am hoping people get that this is a political statement, and that I’m not a Nazi supporter,” Roeber said outside his home’s wrought iron gates and manicured garden. “I’m a little afraid that neighbors will get the wrong idea.”


But that’s exactly what happened.

Francine Miller, whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors, lives across the street from the home. When she spotted the flag, she headed straight over for a stern chat with her neighbor.

“It was a comment on our new president-elect,” Roeber attempted to explain to the woman.

“I can see where you are coming from, but that is really the wrong impression,” she shot back. “It makes it look like you are supportive of Nazis. As your neighbor, I don’t think it’s funny.”

Roeber, faced with the reality of his situation, responded, “OK, I’ll take it down.” He then went inside and pulled the flag down and replaced it with a California Pride flag.

Down the street, neighbor Linda Sonntag, who also said she comes from a family of Holocaust survivors, saw the flag earlier in the morning before Roeber got home.

“I’m in complete shock,” she said. “It’s making me literally sick to my stomach. I can’t know what their motives are but it’s disturbing no matter what. It’s very disturbing.


Between “Misunderstandings” like the above, and the (ongoing — and escalating) anti-Trump protests, I’m genuinely starting to worry that The U.S. A. population itself might manage to totally wreck the country before Trump & Pals get a chance to do it.

Did I mention that literally every aspect of this election-cycle/Presidential administration is starting to give me the heebie-jeebies?

The whole election-cycle was so far up its own ass that I didn’t think it could ever get any dumber.  Then Trump manages to awkwardly stumble his way into becoming President – and set off a “domino effect” of panicky idiocy on ALL SIDES.

This is…..I can’t even…..this whole thing has crossed into meta-parody, and they guy hasn’t even been sworn in, yet.

I dunno what would help.  Thorazine in the national water-supply?




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