More about why Trump isn’t an “outsider”:

  1. First, because he’s a wealthy, “White” guy

2. Second,  He is not “self-made” (in the Libertarian/Objectivist/Horatio Alger sense of the term):  It is remarkably easy to make inherited wealth work for you:  all you really need to do is to be able to pay somebody who actually knows WTF they’re doing to actually do all of the administrative (or hands-on) work, and then take your “cut”.

(Really, this is no different in principle from the situation where a (near) total incompetent can pay somebody else to (for example) fix their plumbing, or re-wire an electrical outlet, or whatever.  It *is* possible to “get away with” near-total imbecility, if you can PAY SOMEBODY ELSE to “cover for you.”

So, yeah: Trump was born with a silver-spoon up his ass.  He might not fit the stereotype of “Blue Blood” East-coast wealthy who all sound like Katharine Hepburn, but that does not make him an “outsider”, in any meaningful sense of the term.

Look at the Koch brothers, for example:

For that matter, look at the “Walton” family (the folks behind Wal-Mart):

My point is: the “self-made” delusion runs exactly one generation deep.  Those who inherit significant amounts of wealth also tend to inherit the know-how related to how to INVEST at least some of that wealth in such a way that it will actually generate more wealth.

Contrast this with (for example) someone like Eminem: 9th-grade dropout who just happens to be able to rap.  He knows nothing about money except for the (undeniable) fact that having it allows him access to “bling”, “pussy” and pretty much any amount of (legal or illegal) substances he can manage to imbibe, and still remain alive (or capable of being resuscitated).

(Eminem is just an example.  The same basic pattern holds for pretty much every other celebrity (“Star”)   — especially those from “old media” fields (movies/TV, the RIAA “labels”, etc.) and SPORTS “stars”: conspicuous consumption, and totally unwarranted mass-cultural visibility.

But back to my original point: Trump is no more an “outsider” than either of the Koch brothers, the Walton family, or — for that matter — the Kennedys.

Trump is a boorish dickhead who has no problem blurting whatever racist, sexist, idiotic thing he believes will elicit enough shock-value from his opponents/idiotic hooting and fist-pumping from his “fans”.

Then again, that just means that he is essentially indistinguishable from (say) Howard Stern, Alex Jones, or your typical Fox “news” personality.

(The “Left” isn’t so much about “shock-value”, as maudlin whining: especially the younger, college-“educated” SJW-types, who would rather be huddled in a ball in some “safe-space” somewhere, than actually have to confront the fact that Existence itself is inherently “offensive” to their oh-so-delicate sensibilities.

Well, looky there, I’m off-topic again! 🙂






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