Trump isn’t an “outsider”: he’s (at best) a figurehead:

Most Americans (especially on “The Left”) are in desperate need of a refresher-course as to how the U.S. Government actually works.

For example: Both “The Right” and “The Left” invest WAY too much effort into the Presidential elections, while pretty much ignoring the REALLY important elections (from the perspective of ACTUAL LAW-MAKING): Congress.

Quite frankly, it is CONGRESS which actually makes law.  That is a very specific attribute of the U.S. government which is fairly different from most other nation-states.  Too many Americans (mistakenly) believe that the President is some kind of royal figure.  In truth, the U.S. president does not — and cannot — make law.  All of the infamous “Executive orders”?  MERELY directives about how specific laws are to be enforced.

Nothing more, less, or other.

That’s the thing: nobody much gives a shit about Congress EXCEPT during “midterm” elections, when they tend to give just enough of a shit to ensure that The President’s party does not control Congress, and has to engage in so-called “bipartisanship” (IE: ass-kissing) of their opponents.

So, for example: Bill Clinton (Democrat) was essentially hamstrung after two years of his first administration (the so-called “Republican Revolution” of 1994).

Now, yeah: Bush II was anomalous, in that the post-9/11 political/cultural climate ensured that pretty much everybody — from whichever part — were willing to kiss his ass, on anything.

If you look at the wikipedia article on “Divided Government in the U.S.”, you’ll see a graph containing the party affiliation’s of each president since 1901, with partisan congressional majority (and thus, control) of Congress, for each 2 year period.

You’ll notice a significant amount of “Divided Government”:

As you can see, there used to be fairly long swaths where one party effectively controlled both the Executive and legislative branches, but the more recent trend has been toward the first two years of a new president’s term serving as the testbed for partisan chicanery — before being reigned in by at least one house of Congress changing partisan hands.

This goes a long way toward explaining why the last 6 years of Barrack Obama’s two presidential terms turned out to be a huge disappointment to the “hope and change” crowd: Congressional Republicans simply would not allow either Congressional Democrats to do the vast majority of the campaign “promises”.

And THIS is why Obama resorted to a half-assed approximation of “governing” via executive order: A Republican-controlled Congress spent six years keeping him “boxed in”.

My point?  EVERYBODY needs to start taking Congressional elections WAY more seriously —  NOT just the “midterms”, but EVERY TWO YEARS.

Same goes for Gubernatorial races, State-level stuff — across the board.

The problem with this is: doing this would actually involve SUBSTANCE over “symbolism”, which would preclude the fiction that (say), a “symbolic” victory for Hilary Clinton would have magically ushered in a Leftist utopia.  (Yeah: just like the two terms of Obama’s administration were an unbroken swath of continuous “hope and change”.)

Seriously, folks: EVERYBODY needs a “Civics” lesson.




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