Some observations:

The standard “Left Vs. Right” political “spectrum” is idiotic.  It has always been idiotic.The primary reason that it is indefensibly stupid is: the taxonomy itself was inherited from the French Revolution.  Any “revolution’ is fundamentally reactive, as opposed to active.

What I mean by this is: all “Revolutions” – whether political, social or economic – begin as REACTIONS to some preexisting state of affairs.

As such, they necessarily “inherit” a significant amount of their world-view and conceptual vocabulary from their (notional) “opponents”.

For instance: the American “Revolution” did represent a (fairly) radical departure from the preexisting political order.  However, it did not substantively alter the social or economic structure:

For instance, many (if not most) of the “Founding Fathers” were wealthy (IE: land/slave “owners”) — men who blathered about “unalienable rights” as a pretext for open insurrection, while continuing to “own” other humans (enslaved Africans, and their descendants).  Moreover, the (putative) respect for “life, liberty and the Pursuit of happiness” did not extend to (for example), that portion of even the “White” populace who happened to have been born female.

Quite simply – and speaking strictly as a matter of fact – the United States inherited both Racism (in the form of “Race”-based chattel slavery), and Sexism (in the form of “traditional Gender Roles” — female subjugation).

That would be bad enough.  What is infinitely worse, is the fact that the above-mentioned evils went virtually unchallenged, for most of the (purportedly “revolutionary”) nation-state’s history:

“Race”-based chattel slavery: 1776-1865 (89 years)

“Jim Crow” segregation: 1865-1965 (100 years)

Female suffrage: 1920 (144 years)

I could go on, but you get the idea: the “traditional” social, economic and political structure of the United States has always consisted of: vigorous lip-service to glittering generalities (“Freedom”, “Equality”, “Liberty” etc.), coupled with CONSISTENT FAILU/RE to actually LIVE BY THEM – until some sort of “breaking point” is reached.

The “abolitionist” movement, the (attempted) insurrection of the so-called “Confederate States of America”, the nascent “women’s rights” movement (as exemplified by the Seneca falls convention of 1848):  at every turn, the pattern is consistent and unbroken: tortuously slow progress, coupled with decades of “principled” foot-dragging, concealed by a few high-visibility (and entirely SYMBOLIC) “victories” which serve as distraction — intended to hoodwink the rubes.

We are currently living through one such cycle:

Barrack Obama’s presidency was “symbolic” in exactly the above manner: a “Black” guy with a “foreign”-sounding name happened to gain access to the veto-pen for 8 years — 6 of which consisted almost exclusively of “partisan” gridlock, and governmental paralysis.

Remember, folks: Congress MAKES the law.  The President EXECUTES the law, and the Supreme Court INTERPRETS the law.   The absolute most that Obama was ever structurally capable of doing was: using the veto to (temporarily) block whatever Congress happened to shit out onto his desk — until Congress got around to “overriding” that veto.

So, that’s the first problem: the vast majority of the population of the U.S. has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW “THEIR” GOVERNMENT WORKS.  And no, this has NOTHING to do with whether or not any given individual happens to be able to rattle off the name of whoever happens to currently occupy any particular position.

It is far less important to know WHO happens to be Vice-President at any given time, and far more important to understand exactly what the Vice-President DOES.

And that brings me to the topic of so-called “Birthright citizenship”.

Essentially, “Birthright” citizenship is the notion that anyone born within whatever currently happens to be considered the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S. automatically becomes a U.S. citizen.

I realize that the above is used as a political football by racist/xenophobic assholes.  The thing is, there is a definite negative to “Birthright” citizenship: it allows — even encourages — such “Birthright” citizens to be both IGNORANT OF — and complacent about —  how the nation-state is functioning  — OR malfunctioning.

That is, until something becomes too blindly obvious to continue ignoring it, at which time such individuals/groups are ripe for any demagogue, who invokes a suitable “scapegoat”.

For example: Appalachian “Coal country” voted for Trump, primarily because “Climate” activists (alarmists?) had previously managed to ram some rather draconian anti-coal regulations through the Obama administration.  The inhabitants of “Coal country” don’t give two liquidy shits about “climate change”.  ALL they know is that a (faceless) gaggle of bureaucrats, and an equally-faceless gaggle of “activists” legislated their primary means of continued survival out of existence, via the stroke of a pen.

Appalachia already knows they’re hated.  NOBODY ELSE gives a shit.  “Latte-Liberals” out on the coasts don’t give a shit — except inasmuch as they (and other “White trash”-demographic groups) can be “milked” for humor/TV ratings:

The vast majority of the U.S. population didn’t give a shit until the premiere of the Beverly Hillbillies, at which time most of them momentarily paused to laugh, before going back to not giving a shit again.

Then the Jerry Springer show gave ’em more “White Trash” at which to gawk.

THEN the hideous, slow-motion train-wreck known as Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo pretty much sealed the deal:  “HIllbillies” (and — by extension — Non-elite “Whites” in general — have become the go-to demographic to blame for, well,  everything, really.

SHOCKER! Study Shows Most Trump Supporters Really Are Poor White Trailer Trash

You get the idea:  the “redneck” caricature is to “the Left” what the “Ghetto” caricature is to the “Right”: a readily-available “folk-devil”, to be invoked at whim, whenever doing so becomes politically expedient — but otherwise pretty much ignored.

Now, let’s think about something, shall we?

I thought the “Left” had a principled stance against Victim-blaming.

At any rate: I submit the following:

Non-Affluent Blacks/Hispanics/Whites/women/LGBTQ etc. have infinitely more in common with one another — both as individuals, AND as demographic “Communities” — than they will EVER have in common with Coastal “White” “progressives”/SJWs/Latte-liberal ‘activist”-types, etc.



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