I’m genuinely glad to see this:

So evidently, the (s)election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president has led a lot of people to stop lying to one another about what they really believe about “controversial” issues (politics, religion, racism, “gender” roles, etc.)

Predictably, this has not resulted in “reasoned debate” in most cases. (Hint: if most people were actually capable of “reasoned debate’, we would never have been indoctrinated with the notion that we would avoid “sensitive” topics, in the first place.)

Anyway, the resulting (totally predictable) squabbling has conclusively demonstrated to many involved that “relationships” predicated on what is essentially “lying by omission” simply aren’t “worth it”.

Thus — probably the for the first time in recorded history — relative large numbers of people have simply elected to discontinue any further contact, rather than merely continuing to bullshit one another:

Now, here’s the thing:

I love this.  I absolutely, incontrovertibly LOVE that this is happening.

I love the fact that non-racists are (finally) refusing to mollycoddle bigoted scumfucks, merely because the aforementioned bigoted scumfucks happen to be “relatives”.  Failure to “call out” racist idiocy is enabling.  Moreover, pretending to “respect your Elders” (and the racist/sexist bullshit they – too often — spew) is guaranteed to perpetuate those mistaken — and flatly indefensible — viewpoints.

Remember: your “Elders” (by definition) were alive during what – in retrospect – turned out to be pivotal historical moments.  How they (re)acted to those moments – and movements – demonstrate a lot about them:

For example: if Uncle willy still insists on denigrating women (by attempting to excuse Donald Trump’s ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ bullshit): Uncle Willy is a HORRIBLE person.  Likewise, if he insists on on trafficking in bigoted stereotypes against racial/ethnic/religious “Others” – he is a horrible person, for doing so.

The only thing Uncle Willy (or “Mommy and Daddy”) can ever offer you is:

  1. The basic (minimum) level of mutual respect they should bestow to ANY RANDOM STRANGER
  2. The opportunity “inherit” the (material and financial) detritus left over, in the event of their deaths.

That’s it.  Except, of course, that the trendy scam known as “reverse mortgages” has enabled your “Elders” to systematically piss away your “inheritance” while they’re still alive!


So, no: stop mollycoddling bigoted idiots, just because they happen to be your “relatives”.

If any given relationship requires lying (even the sort of “lying by omission” involved in “avoiding touchy subjects”), then that “relationship” is utterly worthless.

Either call the fuckers out, or discontinue any further contact.  You probably weren’t going to “inherit” any of the scraps if they die, anyway.




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