Karl is now well past the point of no return:

Every Sunday, Karl (KA3RCS) has taken to phoning me, typically while he goes to the laundromat.   The conversations usually revolve around him whining about how much his lifestyle sucks, while simultaneously coming up with ever more rationalizations for why absolutely none of it is his fault.

perfect example: his “collection” of E-junk.

Now, a sane “collector” would know (at least in some terms) WTF his “collection” contained.  Not only that, but a sane person would also be able to locate a specific item of said collection — at least down to a certain level of granularity.  (Say: which of the several storage units where it was most likely to be located).

Karl cannot do this.  By his own (grudging) admission, he “attempted to catalog and organize” the “collection” several times within the past 15+ years — but has made no substantive progress whatsoever.

He claims to have sold off most of the (unused) radio gear (which is odd, given the fact that he claims not to know which storage-units contain which items — computers, radio gear, random E-waste he’s never even bothered to un-box, etc.)

Then again, he also claims that the “collection” – were he to actually sell even a small fraction of the items — would probably end up generating “somewhere around the high 6-figures” — more than enough  for him to finance the move to any number of areas where he claims he could “basically walk into a decent job”.

Now, think about this: the guy is basically dumping vast amounts of funds into paying for storage units, for 15 years.  Supposedly, he *could* sell the stuff contained therein for upwards of $500,000.  Why doesn’t he do so?

Oh wait, that’s right: his pipe-dream related to a (nonexistent) “computer museum”, coupled with his endless excuses about how it would be “logistically impossible” for him to even begin cataloging the stuff at this point, even if he wanted to so.

In other words, the stupid dick-head managed to paint himself into a corner by hoarding vast amounts of (unsorted) scrap, and is now ‘forced” to pay to store the random detritus — probably in perpetuity — simply because the hoard has become physically impossible to even begin sorting.

And yet this is the guy who also believes that “someday”, he’ll be able to magic up the funds to rent several 18-wheelers, transport the E-garbage to an indeterminate location, where he will then dump it all into other storage units.

His latest genius notion is: move somewhere first, get established, and THEN — somehow — miraculously manage to bullshit his employers into allowing him to take time off, so he can return to PA, and sort/transport the garbage, then.

(This assumes, of course, that he could manage to refrain from acquiring yet another E-hoard at the new location — which is mind-bogglingly unlikely, to say the least.)

Anyway: I pointed out to him that the compulsive hoarding thing isn’t really helping his situation improve, and that the “collection”. It has already been directly responsible for two failed romantic relationships, and caused his own father to sue him to have some of the hoard removed from their house.   However, he utterly denies what — to anyone else — would be blatantly obvious, and then (predictably) resorts to attempting to insult and belittle *ME*, when I point out the fact that his E-waste addiction is essentially destroying his life.

Oh well.  I’m way past the point where I can even pretend to have any respect for him.





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