Yet *more* reasons why Karl (KA3RCS) should sell off his hoard of E-junk

  1. It’s destroying his life.  I’m not just talking about the stuff in the storage units (which would be an almost insurmountable stone around his neck in any case).  I am also talking about the truly horrifying morass of stuff he finally got around to removing from his dad’s house after 20+ years, and a lawsuit.   Much of it has ended up corroded/rusty/moldy, due to bad storage-practices on Karl’s part.  Predictably, he takes no responsibility for that, whatsoever.
  2. The “collection” probably does contain (at least a few) good items which will most likely become damaged/degraded because of Karl’s abysmally bad methodology in regard to storing/organizing the stuff.
  3. The “good” part of the hoard will *never* be put to use, used as the basis for a computer-museum, or in any way be of any benefit to anyone — least of all Karl.  For example, the “Cosmac VIP” he’s always yammering about?  Buried so far down in one of the random piles of detritus from 30+ years of “hamfests”, that — by his own admission — he probably couldn’t even get to it, if he tried.
  4. His rickety shitbox of a jeep (which he has been driving unregistered and uninspected for over a year, is in need of a variety of repairs which would most likely cost more than the amount he *still* owes on the dismal POS, itself.   At this point, driving across two counties to sort through the E-junk in the storage units is simply ‘too risky”, according to Karl.   Ergo, the storage units will NEVER get sorted — barring some sort of nigh-impossible, miraculous turn of events.

Again: if it was anybody else, I might still be able to summon up at least a vestigial sort of compassion/pity.  NOT Karl, however.




4 thoughts on “Yet *more* reasons why Karl (KA3RCS) should sell off his hoard of E-junk

  1. Reading this blog I would’ve thought I wrote all the shit about Karl! No you didn’t lose ALL your friends, fucker! I live in FL too now and I tried getting ahold of you off and on for years now!

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