Did I mention that Karl (KA3RCS) is also a racist asshole?

Over the nearly 30 years of our “friendship”, I’ve had to endure an inordinate amount of blatantly racist idiocy from Karl.  For all that he claims to be an “intelligent” person, the blatant racism is rather telling, both in form and in the fact that it exists at all.

For one thing, Karl never offers “arguments” in support of his racism.  Rather, it (typically) takes the form of extremely inane “humor”, or making excuses for other — more consistent – racists.

An example of the “humor”:

For some reason, the guys at the only local Ham radio club which will even halfway tolerate him had built a rather crude sort of “power-block”, consisting of a wooden block, with two screw-terminals mounted onto it.   I was never entirely sure of the purpose(s) this block was intended to serve, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, the salient thing to know about the block was that the two screw-terminals were labeled POS (for “positive”), and NEG (for “negative”).

For some (utterly inane and borderline incomprehensible) “reason”, Karl thought it woudl be funny to (crudely) add the letters “RO”, such that the negative terminal now read “NEGro”.

The Ham radio club in question has NO African-American members.  Moreover, Karl was (I think) well over ten years old at the time this incident occured.

I fail to see the “humor”.  Then again, I fail to see the “humor” in the fact that the guys from the Ham Radio club in question periodically go to their repeater site, for the express purpose of dousing damaged electronic gear on fire, and lighting it up.

(Tellingly, Karl is also enamored with characterizing the sound of a chainsaw as “Run-nigger-nigger-run”.  The fact is, approximately 99% of such “hipster bigots” are actually FUCKING PUSSIES.  In that they  wouldn’t “risk” saying any of that kind of bullshit to aBlack person’s face (for fear of being HAVING YOUR ARM FORCIBLY DISARTICULATED, AND THE BLOODY END SHOVED UP THEIR ASSES.

Quite frankly, if you are too much of a coward to swagger up to the victim of your bigotry, and express such bigotry OPENLY and BRAZENLY  — then I have absolutely no respect for you, whatseover.

Quite frankly, Karl is too much of a coward to be open and honest about his own views.

Actually, I would genuinely love to see Karl attempt one of his racist “jokes”, in the presence of a Black guy.  Most likely, he’d catch a beat-down as a result, and then spend the rest of the evening curled up in a ball, like a weepy little bitch.

The other blatantly grating thing about Karl is his attempts to “defend” (or, more accurately, excuse)  The fact that Thomas jefferson — and many other “Founding Fathers” – not only chose to permit the institution of “Race”-based chattel slavery to continue post-1776, but actually “owned” slaves, themselves.

Predictably, his “reasoning” is as abysmally shit-encrusted, as every other aspect of his lifestyle:

On the one hand, his standard cop-out is the claim that they “knew that Slavery was already on it’s way out”, but merely continued to ‘permit’ the institution as a matter of pure political expediency.  (In other words: a “revolution” explicitly predicated on “Unalienable Rights” to ‘life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, was to be ENABLED by permitting what amounted to the most blatantly obvious, institutionalized ABROGATION of such – purportedly – “unalienable” Rights.

(Admittedly, this “defense” amounts to Standard, textbook “Conservative”  rationalization, on this issue.

What makes Karl particularly  execrable on this issue is his response, when I simply pointed out the blatantly obvious and incontrovertible fact that the institution of slavery AS SUCH necessarily requires the abrogation of the — purportedly — “Unalienable Rights” of the enslaved.

AT LEAST Thomas Jefferson (any many of the other “Founding Fathers”) were (semi)-aware of this contradiction.   Nevertheless, many of them continued to “own” slaves themselves.  (Funny: they were — supposedly — willing to stake their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” on the Revolution, but unwilling to risk diminishing said “fortunes” by actually respecting the principles used to rationalize their insurrection.

So, my question is: Given that they were explicitly in a position to “lead by example”: why did so many of them explicitly fail to do so?

Karl’s “answer” is typical of what passes for his “thought”, on pretty much every subject: a particularly stupid aphorism, as opposed an a reasoned answer.

“Make hay while the sun shines”.



AT LEAST the “Founding Fathers” understood (at least subconsciously) the “Faustian Bargain” implicit in continuing to permit “race”-based chattel slavery in what was (allegedly) the “Land of the Free”.

Karl is either too stupid to comprehend the issue, or simply too bigoted to actually give a fuck.

(Actually, the second option is infinitely more likely — given his other pet aphorism about supporting “the technology of the 20th century, and the politics of the 19th.”.

One thing I genuinely hope: I really, really REALLY hope that a cop pulls him over, because his rickety shit-box of a jeep is malfunctioning.  Moreover, I hope Karl — in his typical ineptitude — divulges that the aforementioned rickety shit-box is neither inspected, nor registered.

I also hope that Karl then attempts to draw a “line in the sand”, by emulating Bill Cooper’s dictum that they “won’t take him in alive”.







The “Mandela Effect”: Karl’s latest excuse for being an idiot:

So, some while ago, Karl (being the incorrigibly gullible, pseudo-intellectual that he is) stumbled across the supposed “Mandela Effect”.  Before the Internet made it trivially simple for idiots of every sort to discuss their idiocy, pretty much every supposed “anomaly” which gives rise to the “Mandela Effect” would simply have been — correctly — dismissed as “you have a shitty “memory” for details”.

But not nowadays.

Now, the fact that you misremembered a specific line of dialog from Star Wars is pretty much guaranteed to lead you down a rabbit-hole of inane pseudo-intellectuality — provided, of course, you manage to stumble across any of the several sub-reddits/blogs dedicated to this particular anti-pattern — which, of course, Karl managed to do.

See, Karl is gullible as fuck.  he is also pretentious as fuck.  Thus, he tends to self-identify as a “truth-seeker” — while being utterly incapable of evaluating the likelihood of any particular truth-claim.

So of course, it follows basically as a matter of course that he would become absurdly fixated on the (nonexistent) “Mandela Effect” — as with his other pet obsession about the burnt-out license-plate lights.

The thing that I find fascinating is: even if you grant the possibility that the “Mandela Effect” DOES in fact indicate some sort of real phenomenon which is retroactively altering past events: WHY is Karl still a compulsive E-hoarder in EVERY “world-line?”

You’d think that any sufficiently radical alteration to the past (such as, for example, Nelson Mandela having died in prison at some indeterminate point in the 1980s, or their having been 52 U.S. States at some — equally indeterminate point) would have at least tempered his chosen form of degenerate idiocy.

Alas, no.  In every “worldline”, Karl still somehow ends up buried under a morass of decaying cardboard boxes containing rusty E-waste, encrusted in rat droppings.


The primary reason Karl pisses me off:

EVERYTHING in his “collection” is being (slowly or quickly) degraded/destroyed, merely by his colossal ineptitude.

A perfect example of that: a vacuum-tube tester which he destroyed by allowing it to become rusty, and encrusted in rodent-droppings (because it was improperly stored).

His dumb-assery destroyed that vacuum-tube tester every bit as much as if he had taken an axe, and deliberately smashed it to bits.

Another genius instance of Karl being inept was the fact that he “lost” one of his Yaesu Vx-7s in a pile of random, moldering scrap.  Predictably, the stupid fuck had neglected to remove the AA batteries, which had leaked, and damaged the Vx-7.  He claimed that it was “probably” repairable, but a conscientious person would never have “misplaced” the thing that way, in the first place.

So that’s basically the primary issue: his compulsive hoarding (in combination with his utter ineptitude) neccesarily means that pretty much everything he has “collected” has probably gone to shit, after several decades of neglect/mishandling.

Like, for example, the mid-1950s ARRL handbook which “just happened to end up” on a shelf-unit in his bathroom — “because that’s where he had shelf-space”.

The fact that it is moldy indicates that a significant amount of other printed material is probably also similarly destroyed.  (Like, for example, several boxes of books on electronics and computer science and suchlike which he “liberated” from a former workplace, crammed haphazardly into cardboard boxes, and never bothered to examine again for over ten years — even though he knew about the leak in the garage roof.

Quite simply, even if there was something of value in the hoard, chances are that it is most likely moldy, corroded, covered in rat droppings, etc.

Way to destroy what you claim to value, dumb-ass.


Karl (KA3RCS) now has his own category!

Several reasons:

  1. It pisses him off that I didn’t “ask permission” to blog about his antics.  At this point, literally anything which pisses him off, or which he decides to find “hurtful” is totally okay in my book.
  2. He accused me of “cyberstalking” him, because I actually used his first name, and Amateur radio call-sign.  Never ind that his first and last name were a matter of public record.  Never mind the fact that his call-sign information does NOT lead back to a physical address, but instead leads to a PO box (as of the last time I bothered to check).  Never mind that everything I say about him is true.   What is comes down to is: failure to reflexively kiss his ass/pander to his delusions constitutes  being “cruel” to him.

I genuinely hope that anyone attempting to do a Google search for his name/call-sign stumbles across the blog, and discovers the fact that he is a compulsive E-hoarder who spends the vast majority of his time lurking about in various parking-lots, because he has managed to systematically destroy every “romantic” relationship he ever had, drive away his (vanishingly few) friends, and then whine about it, incessantly.

Quite frankly, at this point,I find  the stupid dickhead  (almost) as contemptible as my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother.

Mostly, however, I couldn’t think of a suitable Christmas gift for the favorite narcissistic, pretentious, ego-maniacal, delusional douche-nozzle.  Given the fact that he REGISTERED A DOMAIN NAME FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND while she was at a psychiatric hospital, it seems only fitting — (IF I’m going to document his EVER-SO-SLOW DESCENT INTO MADNESS for posterity), that I do so with more organization than HE has ever invested into the rubbish piles surrounding him.




These tid-bits describe Karl to the point where they accurate capture his “personality”:

Diogenes syndrome is a disorder that involves hoarding of rubbish and severe self-neglect. In addition, the syndrome is characterized by domestic squalor, syllogomania, social alienation, and refusal of help. It has been shown that the syndrome is caused as a reaction to stress that was experienced by the patient.

….The patients are generally highly intelligent, and the personality traits that can be seen frequently in patients diagnosed with Diogenes syndrome are aggressiveness, stubbornness, suspicion of others, unpredictable mood swings, emotional instability and deformed perception of reality.[11] Secondary DS is related to mental disorders.[11] The direct relation of the patients’ personalities to the syndrome is unclear, though the similarities in character suggest potential avenues for investigation.[11]


Oh, wait: never mind: “Diogenes Syndrome” typically involves the “highly intelligent”.  Karl repeated Second grade.  I’m not entirely sure how it is possible to flunk Second Grade……

(Then again, by his own admission, other students tended to call him “Messyshit” — both as a “pun” on his last name, and the chronic bouts of fecal incontinence.  (IE: his tendency to shit himself uncontrollably.)


Karl needs to remember: this is ALL self-inflicted:

One of his particularly interesting verbal “tics” of late consists in the fact that he utterly refuses to acknowledge that Franz (his father) is, in fact, his father.

However (being the total candy-ass he is), the absolute “saltiest” terminology to which he can resort is to refer to Franz as “Asshole”, in situations where the context would normally call for “Dad”, or the individual’s first name (for example: where Bart Simpson tends to call his dad “Homer”, on The Simpsons).

So, for example, I get treated to whiny discourses about what “Asshole” did to wrong our special little E-hoarder Snowflake:  (For example: “Can you believe it?  ‘Asshole’ actually sued me, so now I have to scurry around getting all of the stuff out of the basement and garage!”).

The blatant hypocrisy there is (of course), the fact that “Asshole” allowed Karl to move back in, at all.    His parents’ basement and garage had never been available for their use (what with the floor-to-ceiling piles of unsorted scrap, and such.

  • EVEN WHEN Karl and his (first) former Fiancée had relocated to an apartment, somewhere in the vicinity of Lancaster.
  • EVEN AFTER that woman decided to leave him — both for her own psychological safety, and because she genuinely believed that breaking up with him face-to-face would most likely end in some sort of murder-suicide scenario (due to what she calls Karl’s tendency to THROW TANTRUMS.)   After she left him, he spent several years living in another trailer (different from the one where he currently resides) – and managed to turn that place into a morass of floor-to-ceiling boxes of unsorted scrap – as per usual.)

I have come to the conclusion that Karl is utterly incapable of actually learning from his previous mistakes:

The places he has lived (to my knowledge)

  1. His Parents’ house (basement/garage rendered unusable, so as to better accomodate version 1 of his E-scrap collection)
  2. His Grandparents’ place (upstairs bedroom(s)/basement reduced to SAME conditions as above).
  3. Some apartment in the vicinity of Lancaster (reduced to the same conditions as above).
  4. Some trailer — presumably similar to the one in which he currently lurks.  (I was actually at that location once or twice.  The only thing I reliably recall is: floor-to-ceiling stacks of unsorted boxes, and almost no “furniture” in the conventional sense of the term.  A desk with a computer on it?  At any rate — NOT the kind of place any sane person would regard as even marginally inhabitable.
  5. Around 2006 (?), he became acquainted with the woman who would eventually become his second fiancée — a Mexican woman.   Over the intervening years, they were actually “together” for approximately 8 weeks — Karl’s month-long visit to Monterrey, Mexico, and her corresponding visit to PA.

The primary thing I remember about their “relationship” was the fact that every time I (stupidly) attempted to help him “organize” the E-hoard over at his storage-units, large amounts of time would be taken up by him on the phone with her,  repeatedly apologizing for the fact that they weren’t actually together in person, and attempting to reassure her that she WAS in fact, at least as important to him, as the storage-units full of Commodore 64s and suchlike).

EVENTUALLY (and utterly predictably), she became disillusioned with him, and is now actually living with a guy in Canada (primarily because HE wasn’t a fucking E-waste addict).

The only reason I mention Fabiola at all, is because she was the reason he relocated from the PREVIOUS (cluttered) trailer, back to his parents’ basement.  Supposedly (as per his standard self-delusion), his plan was to “organize” (and/or sell) at least some of the E-hoard, in preparation for eventually relocating to either Texas (where he could supposedly “walk into pretty much any tech-related job around”), or to Monterrey, Mexico.

Upon arrival at either location, his “strategy” involved rending a large amount of (inexpensive) warehouse space, converting it into a “museum”.

Needless to say, none of this has EVER happened.  Moreover, none of it will EVER happen.   Leaving aside the virtual certainty that at least 99% of the myriad of E-waste heaps have been compromised (filth, corrosion, mold, his half-witted tendency to just haphazardly cram shit into storage units, on top of other — equally unsorted — piles of shit), etc.– leaving ALL of that aside, he has absolutely no idea how to even begin organizing the shit in any meaningful sense of the term.

(Hint: halfheartedly rummaging through a few boxes, while complaining about the fact that their contents are encrusted in rodent-droppings does NOT count as “organizing”).

Nor does whining about the fact that the teletype-machine (which has been sitting — unused and (mostly) unattended) for over 20 years, in your parents’ back-yard) is essentially immovable.


None of what I have said about Karl (KA3RCS) constitutes “libel” — let alone “cyber-stalking”. Here’s why:

There are several ways a person must go about proving that libel has taken place. For example, in the United States, the person must prove that the statement was false, caused harm, and was made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement.


So, let’s see:   ALL of the statements are true:

  1. his trailer is floor-to-ceiling filled with boxes of (largely unsorted) E-waste.
  2. Most of that E-waste was transported from his parents’ house, due primarily to lawsuit levied against him, by his own father.
  3. His primary vehicle (a jeep Wrangler) is currently neither inspected, nor registered — a fact about which he complains incessantly.  (It is one of the excuses he uses to explain away his failure to actually organize the storage-units.)
  4. His other vehicle ( a Ford Explorer) was — for several years — languishing in his dad’s yard.

So, here’s the thing:

  1. IF any of the aforementioned statements are false, then the responsibility for such falsehood rests squarely on Karl, himself, in that he would have to have been lying about pretty much everything he talked about.
  2. I know about the storage units (and E-waste hoard from his parents’ basement/garage) from personal experience: such as, Having attempted to help him “organize” it, back in 2006, or so.

At most he could (possibly) quibble about whether or not his trailer is exactly crammed floor-to-ceiling with E-waste — which would, ironically enough, require him to produce evidence — such as, for example, photographs, demonstrating conclusively that his trailer is NOT, in fact, cluttered almost to the point of uninhabitability.

As to the possibility of any of the information I have divulged on this blog “causing harm” to Karl’s “reputation”?  That assumes that his “reputation” has not already been irreparably harmed by his own antics.  Given the fact that he has pretty much alienated everyone else (to the point where he spends most of his non-work time loitering in various parking-lots, well….you get the idea.

the ironic thing is: at the beginning, I was genuinely attempting to help him understand the fact that his compulsive E-hoarding was an addiction, and – as with any other addiction — was GRADUALLY DESTROYING HIM.

At this point, I cannot help but find his (seemingly endless) downward spiral to be AMUSING.

I offer the following predictions:

  1. At some point (in the relatively near future) his Jeep Wrangler will suffer some kind of serious malfunction — rendering it un-drivable.
  2. At that point, Karl will either have to use the work-van to get to work (which will eventually piss off his employer), or  refrain from doing so.
  3. Either way, getting the vehicle drivable again will at some point involve failure to pay for the storage units  – imperiling the E-waste hoard (Er, I mean…”computer museum”).
  4. This will eventually result in the storage units being emptied, and their (still unsorted) contents being scrapped.

This state of affairs will reduce Karl’s E-waste problem considerably (in that he will then only have to deal with the E-waste cluttering his trailer).

Nevertheless, the loss of his sad little pipe-dream about the “computer museum” will most likely send him into (yet another) serious depression, which he will (yet again) refrain from addressing — because he doesn’t want to be “chemically lobotomized”.


I’m not entirely sure whether he will eventually “end it all” (by, for example, deep-throating his AR-15).  I am sure, however, that – given the slightest opportunity – he will none-too-subtly insinuate that he is planning to do so, primarily as a means of emotional blackmail, directed against me.

Fuck that.