Ayn Rand lived off of “The Unearned”, her entire life — and then bitched about others doing so:

Why?   The only way she managed to weasel her way into the  U.S., was by means of some relatives, who already happened to be state-side (and deliberately overstaying her visa — but I’ll get to that, later.)

Quite frankly, it is impossible to “earn” anything “family”-related.  Moreover, the entire concept of “familial” relationships — especially those notionally based on consanguinity — “blood”-kinship — is fundamentally antithetical to all of the major virtues Rand espoused:

First, reflexively giving preference to “blood-kin” over others — without regard to the individual merits of the “relative” in question — is both blatantly irrational, and unjust.  For example: factually, my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother is INDISTINGUISHABLE from a myriad of other junkie scum.  Nonetheless, I am tacitly “expected” to continue allowing that SPECIFIC junkie psychopath to destroy my life bit by bit, and automatically “forgive” him for doing so – merely because of who my mother allowed herself to be fucked by, prior to my own parents’ marriage.

No.  Not gonna happen.

“Kinship” systems are predicated on injustice, in that they involve giving preferential treatment to particular individuals (“Family”) based on something other than the individual merit of the beneficiary.

So, back to Ayn Rand’s case:

She did NOT get to the U.S. “by her own efforts”.  NOBODY with “relatives” stateside who were willing to vouch for them, or provide them with financial assistance after they arrived could legitimately claim to have done it “on their own”.

Historically, “inheritance” typically revolved around the “first-born son” in many cultures.  Thus, “inheritance” was both unjust (in that the aforementioned “firstborn sun” could be a total scumbag, and still be assured of the inheritance), and sexist (in that those unlucky enough to have been born female were not permitted to inherit — or even OWN — property.

See the problem?

At any rate, Ayn Rand (supposedly the arch-advocate of “justice” and the evil of “the unearned”) basically freeloaded her way to the U.S., after which she exploited her relatives, until she finally went to California to “start her career”.

Then she exploited that poor schmuck Frank O’Connor, by essentially tricking him into marrying her in order to not be deported back to Russia.

In a genuinely just civilization, Ayn Rand would probably have died in a gulag somewhere, either because her own relatives wouldn’t have allowed her to freeload off of them in the first place, because she would have been deported like the illegal alien she was, or both.



2 thoughts on “Ayn Rand lived off of “The Unearned”, her entire life — and then bitched about others doing so:

  1. IOW she’s the female version of Karl, a preachy freeloading hypocrite, but with just enough self discipline to collect her rantings into a series of semi-coherent novels, as consumer electronics scrap hadn’t yet been invented.

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