If “Ayn Rand” had been from India:

In my last post, I highlighted the fact that Ayn Rand deliberately overstayed her visa, and essentially scammed her way out of being deported, by marrying Frank O’connor.

Wedding Date:

Frank and Ayn were married on April 15, 1929 by a judge in Los Angeles, California. Ayn once described her marriage as a “shotgun wedding” because her visa was due to expire.


This is probably the primary reason the ditzy skank didn’t give a shit about whether her “affair” with Nathanial Branden bothered Frank O’connor, or not:  he was never anything more than a mere means to allow the ditzy slut to sidestep being deported back to Russia.

Forget “Anchor-babies”: Frank O’connor was Ayn Rand’s “Anchor-husband”.

Now, let’s consider something, shall we?

Like, for example, if Ayn Rand hadn’t been “white”:

Quite frankly, the history of “immigration” policy in the U.S. is abysmally racist and utterly indefensible:



So, let’s do a “thought-experiment”, shall we?

Assume that “Ayn Rand” had been exactly the same as she was in EVERY way, except that her family had been from Mumbai, as opposed to St. Petersburg, Russia:


Thind had enlisted in the U.S. Army a few months before the end of World War I. After the war he sought the right to become a naturalized citizen, following a legal ruling that Caucasians had access to such rights. In 1923, a crucial Supreme Court case United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind was decided in favor of the United States, retroactively denying all Indian-Americans born abroad citizenship for not being a White person “in accordance with the understanding of the common man.”

Quite frankly, Bhagat Singh Thind was infinitely superior to “Ayn Rand” in every possible way, to the point where he was willing to enlist in the military of a nation-state which was too abysmally fucking racist to permit him — or those like him — to be naturalized as citizens.

meanwhile, “Ayn Rand” had to lie her way into the U.S. (by implying that she would NOT “overstay” her visa), after which  she cheated her way out of said deportation by marrying a man who she later cuckolded.

“Ayn Rand” deserves zero respect as a person.  She was a shit novelist, a chain-smoking, slutty con-artist who benefited from “White Privilege” at a time when such a thing was blatantly obvious  (“Jim Crow” segregation, the retroactive denial of citizenship to individuals from the Indian subcontinent, etc.)

At the same time, the abysmally evil slut did manage to write some genuinely insightful things.

But, as a person?  infinitely lower than the lowest of crack-whores.




4 thoughts on “If “Ayn Rand” had been from India:

  1. I think I might still have some of the old email wars you guys CC’d me back in the 90’s when he was driving that Dodge Dart. I still laugh at the way you ripped into him!

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