Karl has officially snapped:

So, I happened to (innocently) inquire as to whether or not Karl (KA3RCS) had happened to read my blog.  Predictably, Karl (who claims not to have done so) threw a pissy little tantrum, anyway.

His complain (so far as I could determine) centers on the fact that I have not explicitly gotten his “permission” to discuss (for example) the relentless harassment and bullying (“Pranks”) back at college – or the E-hoarding, or the fact that I mentioned his call-sign on the blog.

Guess what?   His QRZ lookup points to a PO Box — not to his home address.  Further, his “hideously experimental homepage” has been publically-viewable for over 15 years.  Further, I fail to comprehend why I should have had to “ask his permission” to make contact with his former fiance, via Facebook — even after they had been broken-up for over a decade, *AND* I myself am married.

At the time, the stupid fuck-stain genuinely sounded suicidal, and kept going on about how the loss of his “twin flame” had purportedly damaged him irreparably — so I contacted her, because I still (stupidly) gave a fuck whether or not he killed himself.

If that constitutes “cyber-stalkiing’ him, then I am completely flummoxed as to precisely how.

Predictably, the little bitch decided to throw a tantrum, and begin insulting me, for stuff which is, quite frankly, beyond my control (unlike — for example — HIS compulsive E-hoarding, shitty, decaying vehicles, flat-out refusal to get said vehicles inspected or registered, etc.

Quite frankly, at this point I genuinely wish I had his address (as opposed to a single, cell-phone number which I’m not going to post on the blog).

Quite honestly, if I did have access to his physical address, I would have contacted the local mental-health authorities months ago, when he tended to incessantly hint at suicidal tendencies every other phone-call.

At this point, I genuinely don’t give a fuck.

I do NOT need to “ask permission” to discuss his antics.   It was not “stupid” for me to mention the fact that my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother destroyed/stole most of my amateur radio gear, back around 1991.  Those facts had a DIRECT bearing on my history (such as it is) vis a vis. Amateur radio.

Quite frankly, at this point, any further concern with that pathetic, self-destructive little bitch on my part, would undoubted be (mis)understood as being “cyberstalking”, or some shit.

Oh well, at this point, I have absolutely no respect for him, whatsoever.  If he genuinely believes that I am “mentally ill”, and/or a “cyber-stalker” merely because I fail to “ask permission” to DISCUSS MY OWN PAST — fuck it.

I’m lad he’s offended.




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