None of what I have said about Karl (KA3RCS) constitutes “libel” — let alone “cyber-stalking”. Here’s why:

There are several ways a person must go about proving that libel has taken place. For example, in the United States, the person must prove that the statement was false, caused harm, and was made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement.

So, let’s see:   ALL of the statements are true:

  1. his trailer is floor-to-ceiling filled with boxes of (largely unsorted) E-waste.
  2. Most of that E-waste was transported from his parents’ house, due primarily to lawsuit levied against him, by his own father.
  3. His primary vehicle (a jeep Wrangler) is currently neither inspected, nor registered — a fact about which he complains incessantly.  (It is one of the excuses he uses to explain away his failure to actually organize the storage-units.)
  4. His other vehicle ( a Ford Explorer) was — for several years — languishing in his dad’s yard.

So, here’s the thing:

  1. IF any of the aforementioned statements are false, then the responsibility for such falsehood rests squarely on Karl, himself, in that he would have to have been lying about pretty much everything he talked about.
  2. I know about the storage units (and E-waste hoard from his parents’ basement/garage) from personal experience: such as, Having attempted to help him “organize” it, back in 2006, or so.

At most he could (possibly) quibble about whether or not his trailer is exactly crammed floor-to-ceiling with E-waste — which would, ironically enough, require him to produce evidence — such as, for example, photographs, demonstrating conclusively that his trailer is NOT, in fact, cluttered almost to the point of uninhabitability.

As to the possibility of any of the information I have divulged on this blog “causing harm” to Karl’s “reputation”?  That assumes that his “reputation” has not already been irreparably harmed by his own antics.  Given the fact that he has pretty much alienated everyone else (to the point where he spends most of his non-work time loitering in various parking-lots, well….you get the idea.

the ironic thing is: at the beginning, I was genuinely attempting to help him understand the fact that his compulsive E-hoarding was an addiction, and – as with any other addiction — was GRADUALLY DESTROYING HIM.

At this point, I cannot help but find his (seemingly endless) downward spiral to be AMUSING.

I offer the following predictions:

  1. At some point (in the relatively near future) his Jeep Wrangler will suffer some kind of serious malfunction — rendering it un-drivable.
  2. At that point, Karl will either have to use the work-van to get to work (which will eventually piss off his employer), or  refrain from doing so.
  3. Either way, getting the vehicle drivable again will at some point involve failure to pay for the storage units  – imperiling the E-waste hoard (Er, I mean…”computer museum”).
  4. This will eventually result in the storage units being emptied, and their (still unsorted) contents being scrapped.

This state of affairs will reduce Karl’s E-waste problem considerably (in that he will then only have to deal with the E-waste cluttering his trailer).

Nevertheless, the loss of his sad little pipe-dream about the “computer museum” will most likely send him into (yet another) serious depression, which he will (yet again) refrain from addressing — because he doesn’t want to be “chemically lobotomized”.

I’m not entirely sure whether he will eventually “end it all” (by, for example, deep-throating his AR-15).  I am sure, however, that – given the slightest opportunity – he will none-too-subtly insinuate that he is planning to do so, primarily as a means of emotional blackmail, directed against me.

Fuck that.







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