Karl (KA3RCS) now has his own category!

Several reasons:

  1. It pisses him off that I didn’t “ask permission” to blog about his antics.  At this point, literally anything which pisses him off, or which he decides to find “hurtful” is totally okay in my book.
  2. He accused me of “cyberstalking” him, because I actually used his first name, and Amateur radio call-sign.  Never ind that his first and last name were a matter of public record.  Never mind the fact that his call-sign information does NOT lead back to a physical address, but instead leads to a PO box (as of the last time I bothered to check).  Never mind that everything I say about him is true.   What is comes down to is: failure to reflexively kiss his ass/pander to his delusions constitutes  being “cruel” to him.

I genuinely hope that anyone attempting to do a Google search for his name/call-sign stumbles across the blog, and discovers the fact that he is a compulsive E-hoarder who spends the vast majority of his time lurking about in various parking-lots, because he has managed to systematically destroy every “romantic” relationship he ever had, drive away his (vanishingly few) friends, and then whine about it, incessantly.

Quite frankly, at this point,I find  the stupid dickhead  (almost) as contemptible as my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother.

Mostly, however, I couldn’t think of a suitable Christmas gift for the favorite narcissistic, pretentious, ego-maniacal, delusional douche-nozzle.  Given the fact that he REGISTERED A DOMAIN NAME FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND while she was at a psychiatric hospital, it seems only fitting — (IF I’m going to document his EVER-SO-SLOW DESCENT INTO MADNESS for posterity), that I do so with more organization than HE has ever invested into the rubbish piles surrounding him.





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