The “Mandela Effect”: Karl’s latest excuse for being an idiot:

So, some while ago, Karl (being the incorrigibly gullible, pseudo-intellectual that he is) stumbled across the supposed “Mandela Effect”.  Before the Internet made it trivially simple for idiots of every sort to discuss their idiocy, pretty much every supposed “anomaly” which gives rise to the “Mandela Effect” would simply have been — correctly — dismissed as “you have a shitty “memory” for details”.

But not nowadays.

Now, the fact that you misremembered a specific line of dialog from Star Wars is pretty much guaranteed to lead you down a rabbit-hole of inane pseudo-intellectuality — provided, of course, you manage to stumble across any of the several sub-reddits/blogs dedicated to this particular anti-pattern — which, of course, Karl managed to do.

See, Karl is gullible as fuck.  he is also pretentious as fuck.  Thus, he tends to self-identify as a “truth-seeker” — while being utterly incapable of evaluating the likelihood of any particular truth-claim.

So of course, it follows basically as a matter of course that he would become absurdly fixated on the (nonexistent) “Mandela Effect” — as with his other pet obsession about the burnt-out license-plate lights.

The thing that I find fascinating is: even if you grant the possibility that the “Mandela Effect” DOES in fact indicate some sort of real phenomenon which is retroactively altering past events: WHY is Karl still a compulsive E-hoarder in EVERY “world-line?”

You’d think that any sufficiently radical alteration to the past (such as, for example, Nelson Mandela having died in prison at some indeterminate point in the 1980s, or their having been 52 U.S. States at some — equally indeterminate point) would have at least tempered his chosen form of degenerate idiocy.

Alas, no.  In every “worldline”, Karl still somehow ends up buried under a morass of decaying cardboard boxes containing rusty E-waste, encrusted in rat droppings.



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