Racism is *never* excusable, and only rarely even comprehensible:

Quite frankly, I  have only encountered one instance of racism which was even halfway comprehensible:

At one point, I lived in a two-room apartment, above a nail salon.  My downstairs neighbor (Suzanne) was exceedingly racist against “Mexicans”.   I’m not entirely sure whether she was intellectually capable of distinguishing actual “Mexicans” from other Hispanic/Latino folks (since she also tended to refer to all such persons as “Spanish” — despite the fact that none of them actually originate from SPAIN).

But, I digress.

See, at some indeterminate time during her teens, Suzanne claimed to have been “gang-raped” by “Mexicans”.  (Given her other delusions/hallucinations, coupled with the fact that she was in and out of the local psych ward on at least a bi-monthly basis during he entire time that I knew her — I have my doubts about how reliable the gang-rape story was).

‘Anyway, here’s the  thing: In Suzanne’s case, her racism against “Mexicans”  at least had some sort of REALITY=-BASED  source — IE< an extremely negative encounter with “Mexicans”.

Nevertheless, it was still abysmally stupid, and utterly indefensible.

By Suzanne’s “logic”, I should be exceedingly racist against other “White” persons,  merely because the (relative) scarcity of Non-Whites in the shitty little backwater where I was born ENSURED that the overwhelming majority of my experiences — both positive and negative — would involve other “Whites”.

Thus: the gaggle of drunks and junkies comprising my “blood” relatives?  “White”.

Ray (the Jesus-freak/Pediphile): “White”.

Everyone who bullied me during my schooling, accused me of being a “faggot”, etc.: You can probably guess.

Upshot is: If ‘race” was a legitimate criterion upon which to base ANYTHING, I would have ample “evidence” for AVOIDING OTHER “WHITES” ON PRINCIPLE, since I have had significantly fewer negative experiences with Non-Whites.

Now, where does that leave Karl (KA3RCS)?

Well, let’s just say that he has never mentioned having been gang-raped by “negroes”.  More to the point, his numerous “pranks” involving what amounted to racist graffiti would seem to be an abysmally stupid way to “get back at them”, even IF such a thing HAD occurred.

No, the sad truth is: Karl is a bigoted little shit whose racism is directed toward a victim-group he has seldom (if ever) actually encountered.

His bigoted ass-hattery isn’t even based on FIRST-HAND knowledge of the victims.

If anything, that makes his racist antics even more contemptible.




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