So, Karl has managed to stumble his way down yet ANOTHER rat-hole:

Predictably, Karl enjoys listening to “Dark Matter digital Network”  (primarily because it dovestails nicely with his pseudo-intellectual leanings, and conspiracy/paranormal obsessions.)

Plus, his utter lack of “critical thinking” skills, and total inability to evaluate the probable truth-value of any given claim ensure that there is no “suspension of disbelief” (IE: he’ll believe anything).

Anyway, evidently some broad happened to state that “hoarding” was a “survival skill”.  predictably, Karl has taken to using this stupid bitch’s statement to hand-wave away any criticism of his compulsive E-waste hoarding.

I’m pretty sure that the broad in question was probably some sort of “prepper”-type, and was advocating what any sane person would probably describe as stockpiling necceary/valuable supplies (food/weapons/ammunition/medical supplies/”How-to” books, etc.).  NOT entire storage units crammed floor to ceiling with (damaged) C-64s.

Be that as it may, the fact that some (unidentified) woman made some sort of statement justifying/excusing “hoarding” (in an unspecified context), now ensures that Karl will never reevaluate his antics, because they constitute a “survival skill”.

This takes karl’s level of gullibility far beyond that of the averate Art Bell fan, and into a whole new level of “most likely to drown in his own drool”-territory.




4 thoughts on “So, Karl has managed to stumble his way down yet ANOTHER rat-hole:

  1. Karl thinks his Bushmaster is the only survival tool he needs which means he plans to kill, steal and loot for his survival, just like most people, which makes him just as stupid as most people…but at least he’ll be able to keep warm burning all that plastic scrap!

    • That actually makes a lot of sense, as an explanation — especially given his tendency to mention the “fact” that he is able to kill groundhogs – at point-blank range, once they were already in the traps.

      (Yeah: Karl actually felt the need to “brag” about being able to do that.)

      Another possible scenario involves Karl believing that people will actually “pay” him in food/survival supplies, so they can experience his “computer museum” — after the collapse of civilization.

      (That dovetails nicely with his “Technomonks/’temple of technology” bullshit on the Moo, back in the day.

      • I suppose they’ll pay tribute to Master Obi-Wan Karlobi with gold coins and boxes of Steak-Ums, which his harem of Latina techno-nuns (affectionately known as his Amiga Collection) will grill for him in between their ecclesiastical duties of archiving rat droppings, cleaning semen encrusted keyboards and collecting junk at the various temple sites.

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