Pseudo-profundity “works” because the victims smuggle in their own “meaning”:

The thing is, I “know” what John tacitly intended for me to believe that his statement “meant”: that the “music and stories” originating from the various Non-Western/historical cultures/religions he pretends to give a shit about, are somehow uniquely “resonant” with “the universe as a whole”.

His particular “window-dressing” originally centered around 1960s hippie-rock (primarily because their “mellow” aspect, and tendency to be pseudo-profound themselves, fit nicely with his faux self-construct).  His Mom had allowed him to get through life without  even trying to develop most of  what are typically described as “daily living skills”, or suchlike:

  • Functional mobility, often referred to as “transferring” (moving from one place to another while performing activities)
    • For most people, functional mobility is measured as the ability to walk, get in and out of bed, and get into and out of a chair; the broader definition above is useful for people with different physical abilities who are still able to get around independently.
  • Bathing and showering (washing the body)
  • Dressing
  • Self-feeding (not including cooking or chewing and swallowing)
  • Personal hygiene and grooming (including brushing/combing/styling hair)
  • Toilet hygiene (getting to the toilet, cleaning oneself, and getting back up)

John is (still) barely capable of most of the above-mentioned activities.  Then again, John has a ready-made excuse for why he shouldn’t have to give a shit about any of that: after all, weirdo, mystical monks and ascetics of various religions have ‘renounced” all of the above-mentioned sort of activities.

(Problem with that line of “argument” is: John pretends to himself to be an “animist” (because he managed to become obsessed with Tuvan throat singing at one point).  In reality (also by his own admission) he considers himself to be an “Agnostic polytheist”.  (For example: he reflexively uses precious little speech-tics such as “oh, by the gods!”)

See, most of those who subject themselves to inane/extreme practices (hair shirts, vows of silence, becoming mendicant, beggar monks, etc.) do so on the grounds that they actually believe at least some of the truth-claims put forward by a specific religious system.

There are definitely cases where such taboos can become “cultural”, to the point where even people who don’t actually “believe” the metaphysical side of it still engage in the practices, either as a means to ease “social” pressure, or simply out of habit:

At any rate — and as a general rule — only those who actually consider themselves to be “devout” (or at least aspire to that status).  Either that, or the particular practice has been so ingrained into the specific ethnoreligious subculture within which they were born and ‘raised’ as to seem “natural” to them, or be “expected”.

Having a fat, drunken, anti-effort blob (who only managed to stumble his way through a degree in “comparative religion” after flunking/dropping out of six other colleges) reduce such “renunciation” to an excuse to not even give a shit in the first place?

It cheapens all of it: achievement, renunciation….the whole paradigm.

At any rate, John’s real motive for pretending to be “spiritual” is because it allows him not to face his total and complete ineptitude.  (This is also the same reason why he tends to “upgrade” to the latest version of whatever music-recording software he happens to be using at any given time, even though doing so doesn’t really add functionality he would actually use, AND he is aware that the upgrade will break compatibility with whatever “accessibility scripts” – if any — exist for the program in question.  That way, the fact that he never bothers to actually record anything beyond ephemeral “doodling” is ‘excusable”).

Anyway, whenever John gets called out on his bullshit, he typically trots out some (de-contextualized) tidbit from Taoism, Buddhism, etc.  Typically, the pretense with these tidbits is that they’re meant to “make you think”.

In reality, they are intended to distractThey are, in essence,  just another variant of “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.

Specifically, pay no attention to the fact that the “man” is unable to fit “behind the curtain” because of morbid obesity, and is rip-ass drunk, to boot.







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