So, I made a really stupid mistake:

I attempted to get back into contact with John (the blind guy I mentioned in another post — the one whose girlfriend has to cut up his food for him, whenever they go out to restaurants).

That was an amazingly stupid mistake, on my part.

Several things to know about John:

  1. He’s a morbidly-obese drunk, who was (up until recently) a chiansmoker.
  2. He has never lived on his own, or even attempted to hold down any sort of job.  Not even anything home-based.
  3. He pretends to have “profound” viewpoints.  In reality, pretty much everything he says is Deepak Chopra-level stupid.

For example, according to his blurb on Facebook, he genuinely believes that “The Universe as a whole responds to music, and stories”.

When I (stupidly) asked him for clarification on this claim, he came back with:

  1. “Well, see, I didn’t actually mean ‘the universe as a whole’ — merely certain classes of entities within it.”  (Hmm…you mean like humans, who create music and TELL stories, and such?)
  2. A few links to scientific experiments which could (if you really misuse the data, and extrapolate wildly) indicate that at least some types of plants are more “responsive” to various stimuli, than most people realize.  (Hint: this  tidbit got him nowhere near his claim about “music and stories”).
  3. A blurb summarizing “Pansychism”.  (Hint: this didn’t get him to his claim, either — any more than a blurb summarizing solipsism would have done.)
  4.   Gratuitous misuse of “Konig’s paradox” (which only applies to some very specific variants of “naive set theory”, and is also inapplicable to the context under discussion.  The “paraphrase” he used (falsely) claimed that English has a “finite” vocabulary, when in fact it *is* possible to either “coin” new terms, or come up with new names for (previously) un-named entities/quanities/attributes.  I n any case, chimpy failed to explain how this had anything to do with his claim that “the universe as a whole responds to songs and stories.
  5. a quote cherry-picked from “Chuang-Tzu”.
  6. Some bulshit about a “Zen koan” which was also flatly innaplicable.

I had previously posed his two relatively-innocuous questions — both of which he failed to answer:

  1. My wife and I are currently experiencing an invasion of ants in our kitchen.  Do they “respond to music and stories”?   If so, what genre(s) of music, and stories?  Robert Heinlein?  Sherlock Holmes?  The “Poky Little Puppy?”
  2. If I am sitting alone in a room, reading the poky little puppy out loud, does the Andromeda galaxy “respond” to that fact?  I have my doubts as to exactly how that would work, given that it is exceedingly unlikely that the sound of my voice would be able to travel all the way to the Andromeda galaxy (even assuming that there was air — or some other suitable medium through which to propagate).  Also, given the distance of the Andromeda galaxy relative to Earth, even if it did “respond” to my having read the poky little puppy, evidence of that “response” wouldn’t reach Earth for 2.537 million years.

So, how in the fuck does John the Pseudo-Shaman KNOW?

The primary issue with John comes down to the fact that nobody has actually bothered to hold him to any kind of standard, or expect anything from him, to the point where he is a morbidly-obese drunk, with the developmental milestones of a toddler.

The Pseudo-hippie bullshit strikes me as an elaborate con — a means to bamboozle others into (mistakenly) believing that his idiotic bullshit is somehow “profound”.

At least Deepak Chopra can manaage to wipe his own ass.





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