Funny — or maybe depressing — story:

Some while back, an acquaintance of mine related the following story.  I’m not entirely clear on all of the details, but the substantive outlines should be pretty clear:

So, this guy and his wife both self-identify as Baptists of some some kind.  Some while back, the guy’s wife had the misfortune to have some Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on their door (as part of the endless — and thankfully mostly fruitless — attempts at proselytizing for which Jefhovah’s Witnesses are — justifiably — infamous.)

At any rate, the guy’s wife experienced some sort of extreme emotional meltdown, to the point where she began repeatedly shrieking at the Jehovah’s Witnesses about how their were “all going to hell” (since  — as is typical of just about anything which identifies as “Christianity”, she and her “clique” explicitly view the JW’s version of “Christianity” to be a Satanic Counterfeit.

The go-to (ir)raitonalization among “Christians” of all sorts seems to be to cherry-pick certain Bible verses about people having their “ears tickled” by “false doctrine”.  (Fun fact: for some mysterious reason, nobody resorting to this gimmick EVER sees themselves as having their “ears tickled” by “false doctrine”.  I can’t help but find that interesting.)

I don’t know if anyone will find the above story amusing.  To be honest, I find it more than a bit sad.  Then again, it does indicate that “Christians” have become too socio-politically impotent to be able to torture and slaughter those they deem “heretical”.

Personally, I think that’s a good thing.


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