Another problem with the”RTFM” mentality:

In the last post, I brought up the fact that 85% of the U.S. population is “semi-literate” (at best).

The assumption is that the “average” reading level is equivalent to first or second grade.

THEN they get told to “RTFM”.

How exactly is that helpful?

How is it helpful to tell someone who is barely literate to read the manual?

ESPECIALLY when “the manual” has probably been (poorly) machine-translated from Mandarin, or Japanese, or suchlike.

So, that’s the first issue: how do you incorporate “remedial literacy’ and “technical support” documentation?  Is it possible?

I think it is.

After all, the main reason for the mass illiteracy that I can see is an absence to “Phonics”, and the use of that execrable “whole word” bullshit.

That approach to “reading” has been damaging the culture since at least the 1930s:

So, that’s the first thing I see as an issue

The fact that 85% of the population is most likely incapable of either READING or UNDERSTANDING) “The manual” necessarily implies that telling them to do so is both useless and condescending.

And therein is the problem.






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