Loftus admits the futility of what he’s doing:

Typically, I seldom read the “personal” blurbs/back-story on blogs.  I’m more interested in the arguments put forward by a particular person, than I am in trivia about which specific demographic “collective” they happen to resemble/self-identify as.

Having said that, I find it interesting that the blog from which I got the “top ten list” in the previous post was by John Loftus.

Anyway: what I find more interesting is: Loftus admits that what he’s doing is essentially futile, in terms of “reaching” (Fundie) Christians:

Christian, do you want to be different than almost all other believers? Do you want to do what only a rare number of them will do? Then take the 2017 DC Challenge. Hey, what do you have to lose? If our books cause you to become stronger in your faith that’s good, right? But if your faith cannot survive we’ve done you a favor, that is, if you’re really interested in the truth.

The fact that Christians won’t do so is because their culturally indoctrinated and/or brainwashed brain has convinced them that their search for truth ended sometime before they ever became adults. So they won’t read our books because they don’t want to know if their faith is false. That’s right, they don’t want to know the truth. That’s the number one indicator one’s faith is false, or perhaps rather, that deep inside them believers fear it’s false. Mormons, Muslims, Orthodox Jews and others would react exactly the same way. They don’t want to know if their childhood faiths are false either. In any case, no more soundbites. No more reading one blog post at a time. Sit down for yourselves and read through whole books written by atheists who were former believers.

The thing is: He already admits that he knows that they won’t.

So again?  What’s the point, exactly?

Is Loftus trying to “de-convert” Fundies?

Is he trying to “insulate” future generations from being able to take any religion seriously?

Is he just pissed off about having been played for a chump?

I don’t understand.




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