So, we got a note from my “Mom” today:

Evidently, some cousin with whom I haven’t had any contact whatsoever for years (if not decades) was involved in a vehicular incident.  (I have no idea whether it was genuinely “accidental”.  Most so-0alled “accidents” of that kind come down to driver negligence).

At any rate: her/her daughter/granddaughters were injured.

My first response to this “news” was? “And this has WHAT to do with me, exactly?”

Let me be clear on this:

I fail to see why I should give more of a shit about some woman living in Maryland merely because of some slight degree of consanguinity.

I don’t send “sympathy cards” to every random individual in my own (current) home-town who happens to be injured.  I fail to understand why my “mother” thinks that I “should” send one to someone who is, in any meaningful sense of the term — a near-total stranger.

Tellingly, she failed to make any mention of whether my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother had actually apologized for his antics back in 2013.   (Not that I would actually “accept” such an apology from that lying dick-head, even if such were forthcoming.)

She also claimed to have emailed me, and had it “not go through”.

Back in 2013, after all the bullshit, I promised myself that, in the event that she made contact, I would take the opportunity to explain the fact that – under no circumstances whatever — am I ever interested in hearing anything about the antics of the junkie psychopath.

I give exactly as much of a shit about him, as I do about (most of) the half-siblings in Virginia, or any random ‘relative” I’ve never personally met.  I simply cannot bring myself to privilege “blood kin”.

What’s more, I said as much in the e-mail I sent her.

I don’t give a shit if she likes it, or not.

The fact of the matter is:

  1. By his own admission, he frequently mistreated me as a means to ‘get back at” my dad — “by proxy”.  (IE: he was/is a fucking worthless, cowardly, shit-nugget who was too much of a pussy to settle his own scores with the person most directly to blaime.)
  2. He accused my wife and I of attempting to murder my mother (by means of generic OTC anti-diarrhea liquid), and then “laid hands” on me in a “threatening” manner, in an attempt to “compel” my obedience.
  3. Both he — and my “mother” — then LIED about this, to the local police during a “wellness” check.

I refuse to participate in her “enabling” bullshit.




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