Some thoughts on the “Hu-brids” (“Human hybrid”) scenario:

What would be the point, exactly?

A great question is raised in that skeptic’s guide the paranormal book I’ve been reading recently:

Two animals are defined as being of the same species if
they interbreed in the wild and produce fertile young. The
offspring of rare interspecies matings are always infertile.
Given the almost certain sterility of the human–alien
crosses, would not that defeat the purpose of these breeding
programs? If the aliens are so advanced technically, why
have these experiments now been conducted for over half
a century with no apparent changes and no apparent out-
To procreate with an alien species would be truly extraor-
dinary biology. Never the less, the abductees are often
shown their hybrid babies. Again, there is a sad note of
longing to this aspect. Aliens are keen, it seems, to install
implants inside human bodies. Medical science has never
been able to locate one of these implants. Those who have
been implanted will usually refuse to be examined. Why?

Now, the above necessarily brings up several questions:

  1. Why would any Extraterrestrials want to “interbreed” with humans?  What do THEY gain?
  2. Why would they even bother mentioning the alien hybrid “offspring” to the human “parents?”  Wouldn’t this whole thing be more akin to (involuntary) “surrogate” pregnancy, with BDSM-rape overtones?

What would be the most probably the motive/evaluation, if EXACTLY this sort of abduction/forced pregnancy scenario were done — by HUMANS?

Say something involving rohypnol, and some guy with a van.

I submit — at absolute minimum — that EBEs (IF they are doing things like the “hybrid” program) should be held to exactly the same standards as you would hold a member of your own species.

More to the point: why “breed” (in the conventional sense), at all?


Presumably, anything from “off-planet” would have at least as good of medical technology as the “state of the art” among humans.



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