Some thoughts on UFOs, and non-terrestrial life forms

  1. I really don’t think that an attempted Government ‘cover-up” is all that unlikely.  Given the nature of government, “leaks” would inevitably occur — especially given enough time.  However, another definitely possibility would be: deliberate “leaks” of (slightly) flawed information.  Another possibility for “hiding in plain sight” would be to assist in the creation of stuff explicitly marketed as “science fiction” — which contained tidbits of exactly the sort of information which “whistle-blowers” would be most likely to “leak”. 

That way, any “accidental” leaks which occurred could simply be pooh-poohed by means of (misapplying) Occam’s Razor: {“Y’know, that vaguely resembles a combination of a “Star Trek” episode, and a “twilight Zone” episode.  Interestingly enough, didn’t you say the guy making this claim self-identifies as a ‘fan” of those shows?”).

2. The “technology exchange” pact idea is amazingly unlikely:

For one thing, there’s a good chance that any sufficiently advanced technology would be misunderstood, and take way too long to reverse-engineer.

let’s do a thought-experiment: what would happen is (say) some guy showed up in an otherwise-isolated tribal village somewhere, and proceeded to ‘dazzle” the natives with his Smart-phone, or even a simple flashlight?

Then he leaves — but leaves the item(s) behind.

Is the local shaman going to be able to ‘reverse-engineer” the guy’s smart-hone, or ever figure out how the flashlight works?    Moreover, what about when the artifacts stop functioning (because they need to be ‘re-charged?”

The locals don’t have a compatible charging-device.  The have no knowledge of electricity, digital electronics, etc. 

For all they know, the (now non-functional) devices have become “broken”, in some totally mysterious way.  (That’s assuming they don’t misunderstand the devices via some form of “animism”, and conclude that the “spirits” of the devices have departed.)

At any rate; it is unlikely that ANYBODY from that milieu would EVER be able to even BEGIN to puzzle out even how to turn the things on — not because they’re stupid, but through simply IGNORANCE.

Now, transpose all of that to: a crashed extraterrestrial craft, in New Mexico, 1947.

Think about it.




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