Some thoughts on what a genuinely credible demonstration of “psychic” ability would entail:

  1. Fist, you would have to utterly preclude even inadvertent use of either “cold” or “hot” reading techniques.

This would probably involve the “sitter” being cloaked from head to toe, in a form-fitting bodysuit of some sort.  Moreover, the individual in question would not be permitted to speak, or engage in “body language” of any kind.

Further, the individual would be chosen to be within the “overlap” range of height/weight between males/females/various “ethnic” groups.

In other words: absolutely no “cues” for the (so-called) “medium” to (mis)use.

2. Further: the “medium” would NOT be permitted to speak to the “sitter” — AT ALL.  Instead, the ‘medium” would be permitted to write down such snippets as come to mind.

Most likely (given the structure of “cold” reading), this would be random bullshit, utterly unrelated to the individual being ‘read”.

Quite frankly, this is the only way I can determine of screening out “cold reading”.  Too often, it would be extremely easy for someone who “believes” he or she to be “psychic” to  merely be engaging in  a sort of “accidental” cold-reading, based on educated guesses in regard to demographic/body-language ‘cues”.  The horrible part of this — on both “sides” — is that this could easily happen even if the individual in question wasn’t deliberately TRYING to ‘cold read” (for the purposes of deception).

It is fairly easy (especially given the sort of sloppy “reasoning” typical of these sort of subjects), for an individual to mistake simple “intuition’ or “educated guessing” for “messages”.

I’m pretty sure this is why no “psychic” has been able to “perform” credibly under stringent controlled conditions: the relative lack of “input” for their “intuitive” and/or cold-reading process ensures that they fail.

Now, note something: I am not unequivocally denying the possibliity of “non-ordinary” means of perception.    The problem is: even the inadvertent use of “cold reading” results in garbled data, given that “cold reading” is a gimmick (skill?), which can be — and often is — sufficient to simulate “psychic” phenomena of a certain type.





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