Why cold reading “works”: 90% of the population are barely-conscious, walking stereotypes

Moreover, they deserve exactly what they get.

1. If you live down to the demographic “stereotype” assigned to you (“age”, “gender”, etc.) — you *WILL* be easy pickings for the “psychic” fraudsters, simply because “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all.”

This isn’t about our “common humanity”, or anything of that nature.  (Hint: the only credible “psychic reading” I can think of would be someone “reading” an individual from a radically dissimilar demographic ‘background”.

Preferably someone who did not speak the same language.

For example: I would *really* love to see somebody like John Edwards unceremoniously dumped (naked) on (say) vanuatu, with NO opportunity to prepare or do research, and, ideally, no clear idea of where the fuck he was.


That’s what makes “cold reading” so loathsome: It only “works” because of the fact that so many “individuals” are little more than walking SHELLS — mere “instantiations” of whichever demographic ‘role” was foisted on them by their “significant others”.

That’s fucking pathetic.


“Cold reading” should universally result in the perpetrator being punched in the throat.

ESPECIALLY if they charged money for the “reading.”




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