Why do so many who know better, insist on mollycoddling the stupid


The particularly galling and evil part:

Tauromancy is a fraudulent system for performing ‘psychic’ readings. I made it up from scratch so there was no chance of any factors other than pure science. As with Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Palm Reading, the reader is able to make a large number of statements about the client which appear to give information the reader could not know without special powers. The technique is called Cold Reading and is described in The Skeptic’s Guide to the Paranormal.

Using Tauromancy, I have given hundreds of readings using cold reading techniques. Despite this honesty, there have been a number of sitters who are convinced I could not have known the things I claimed to know without psychic insights. I failed to convince them otherwise.

So, what is the “take-away” here, exactly?

The really galling thing is:

Some of the most rewarding and close conversations I have ever had have resulted from doing a reading first. Cold reading offers far more than debunking psychics.

“rewarding”, and “close” conversations?

How is that even possible? 

Remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz?  That whole “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” thing?  What this woman is doing is the equivalent of the “man behind the curtain” STEPPING OUT IN FULL VIEW OF DOROTHY & PALS, microphone in hand — painstakingly explaining EVERY CONTROL ON THE PANEL concealed “behind the curtain” — only for Dorothy to reply “oh no, that can’t be it!  You really ARE a wizard, and you just don’t know it!”.

“Tauromancy’ (and the myriad equivalents) are yet another reason why I have genuinely concluded that global nuclear war culminating in the extinction of humankind would be richly deserved.

The vast majority of these stupid fucks are incapable of appreciating the merits of a scientific, technological, (semi)-rational civilization.  They desperately want to be “fleeced”.

I cannot help but find that detestable.

Some while back, I suggested something to Karl:

A website selling “cutting edge technology” based on “fringe physics”.

“Water memory” as an information storage medium.

What this would entail is:

  1. A simple balloon filed with utterly ordinary tap-water, placed inside of an equally ordinary external Hard drive enclosure, which would then be sealed against leakage.
  2. The “device” would be equipped with a single, standard USB cable, and sold for the “reasonable” price of $150,000.

I would include a “disclaimer” consisting of some half-assed boilerplate gibberish cribbed from “radionics” and “homeopathy’ web-sites and books, as well as a none-too-subtle implication that the (predictable) failure of said “water-memory device” to actually be able to store or retrieve information, is most likely do to the user’s failure to use the “law of attraction” to full advantage:



I genuinely wonder how many of the idiotic new-age shit-clowns would

  1. pay the ridiculous amount I would charge, and:
  2. Blame themselves for not “thinking positive”, when the “water-drive” failed to work

As an added bonus, I could simply hand-wave away any complaints by insinuating that all such disgruntled customers were really “paid debunkers” used by “big data’ to “discredit my revolutionary invention”.



Given whats-her-name’s mollycoddling of those who “believe” her Taurology shtick — I’m beginning to wonder exactly why my “water-memory hard drive” would constitute any kind of “scam”.



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