The “Conservative” movement has effectively cut its own throat. Here’s how:

One of the most ironic things about what passes for modern “Conservatism”, is the fact that such “Conservatives” invest so much time and effort into systematically alienating exactly the demographic groups who would be most likely to respond to their “message”.

This is especially true with regard to (so-called) “Social” Conservatives.

Quite frankly, the two most overtly ‘traditional” demographic groups (other than White “social conservatives’ themselves) are: Hispanics and Muslims.

Think about it:

BOTH the Hispanic and Muslim “communities” have a very definite “traditional” streak — especially when it comes  to “gender” and religion:

So, yeah — there are a significant number of Hispanics and Muslims who are really good at sexism, and shoving their religion down everyone else’s throats.

If anything, they are better at doing so than your average White “Traditionalist”:

Now, here’s the ironic thing:

Given even short-term demographic trends, you would THINK that “social” conservatives especially, would be actively attempting to “recruit” among the more sexist/devout “People of Color” — but no.

Personally, I have a theory on that:

“Social” conservatism is basically “window-dressing” for something much deeper:

The above are why the Trump p(R)esidency wasn’t really all that surprising.

And, no: I’m not saying that “All” self-identified “Social Conservatives” are proto-fascists, who would love to reintroduce racial apartheid in various of the “Several States”.

Quite frankly, most “Social Conservatives” are useful idiots/cannonn-fodder for those types.

Just sayin’.




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